Effective Time & Workload Management: A Solo Practitioner’s Experience in the Legal Profession.

Podcast graphic on effective legal time management by solo practitioner nadine c. Atkinson flowers.

Tanner Jones, your host and Vice President of Business Development at Consultwebs, welcomes you to another episode of the LAWsome Podcast by Consultwebs.


In today’s episode, Tanner is accompanied by Nadine C. Atkinson Flowers, an immigration lawyer in the USA that focuses on Jamaican legal issues affecting US immigration. In Jamaica, Nadine focuses on the areas of criminal and family law. She runs the firm Atkinson Flowers, she’s the author of many books; one of them being On Your Feet: Criminal Law Practice in the Parish Courts in Jamaica. She’s also actively participating in her communities and creates educational videos on YouTube.


Key Takeaways:

[0:18] Introduction.

[1:25] Tips and tricks for solo practitioners in law.

[3:53] Checklists for solo practitioners in law.

[6:05] Most substantial technological impact solo practitioners face today.

[11:35] Misconception of digitalization in the legal profession.

[16:35] Operating and managing a virtual law firm practice.

[21:15] Legal clients and their take on virtual meetings. 

[23:50] Advice for attorneys going down the authorship road.

[31:24] Networking for solo practitioners in law.


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