Cybersecurity for Lawyers: Repel Cyberattacks and Protect Your Firm’s Business

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In today’s episode, Tanner is accompanied by Tom Kirkham, founder and CEO of and Iron Tech Company. Tom has over 30 years of experience in software design, network administration and cybersecurity.  


He’s a member of the FBI’s Arkansas InfraGard Chapter and frequently speaks about the latest in security threats.


Key Takeaways:

00:19 Introduction 

01:40 What does cybersecurity for lawyers mean?

04:58 What actions can firms take to safeguard their data? 

10:47 Cyberattacks law firms should be aware of part 1

15:03 Cyberattacks law firms should be aware of part 2 

16:30 Privacy and security 

19:33 Are law firms implementing solid privacy and security practices?

21:44 The cost of business without cybersecurity 

24:05 Tips for firms starting with cybersecurity 

29:00 Ending thoughts 


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