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family law marketing - what divorce and family law firms need to know

What Divorce and Family Law Firms Need to Know

As a family lawyer, you know the competition is fierce, and the more you stand out from the crowd, the more likely it is that you will win new business. It is important that your collective digital efforts position your firm as one that is trustworthy, reliable, and available to capture your prospects’ interests and business.

Additionally, it is important to differentiate law firm clients from clients of firms that handle other practice areas, such as personal injury or criminal defense – family law prospects might not be in the same fast-paced decision-making shoes, but their cases are oftentimes more delicate and emotional. This makes family law firms and legal representatives comprise one of a kind with their inter-relational abilities, their sense of empathy, and their capacity to inspire trust in their clients. Because of this, clients looking for a family law firm will do more research, gather more information, and take more time altogether in their decision on whom they will ultimately hire as their attorney.

What does this mean for your family law marketing? A generic cookie-cutter approach won’t work for your target audience, that’s for sure. As unique as your cases, so too should be your marketing strategy in order to reach the prospects that your firm is after and turn them into clients.

At Consultwebs, we have a proven track record of handling the intricacies of digital marketing for family law firms. For more than 20 years, our company has continued to build on an array of marketing strategies that have been helping lawyers like you get more calls and cases. Ultimately, our goal is for you to consider our business an extension of your own, thanks to the high quality of the service and results we provide. We measure results by providing clear metrics that show your return on investment. Additionally, we also consistently track and report quality leads. Ultimately, Consultwebs aims to craft a legal marketing strategy that pays for itself and more.

Why Is Divorce & Family Law Marketing Different?

Successful marketing is synonymous with highly targeted marketing towards a specific audience. It is also important to know how to approach your prospects across the different phases of the decision-making process, especially considering family law clients tend to invest more time in researching than in other practice areas. Areas such as divorce and child custody take time, for example, which means that your marketing tactics may need to have numerous focuses to target your prospects throughout the process. Here are a few factors your firm should take into consideration:

  • Getting people hooked during those informational searches at the beginning of their decision-making process is key. When a prospect is just starting to research their options and Google’s “divorce lawyers,” it is important your firm provides relevant information, showcases availability, and inspires trustworthiness. It is also important to note that not all prospects are immediately looking to call, some are in the process of looking for information and evaluating different options.
  • Your Google My Business (GMB) listing plays a surprising role in how clients research you. GMB helps verify your profile on Google’s search results page, which gives your listing a boost of trustworthiness in your searchers’ eyes. Additionally, it provides valuable information in regards to your location, hours of service, Q&As, social media platforms, etc. These added bits of information allow your prospects to get to know you a little better before taking the step of contacting your office.
  • Your marketing should shine a spotlight on your personality and your firm’s culture. You will need to develop a consistent tone that is clear in your written content, videos, social media messaging, podcasts, etc. Family law clients are much more likely to choose a lawyer based on the firm’s personality and the emotional connection it might create.
  • Your presence on social media is vital. Your potential clients are hungry for information, both on the objective front (number of won cases, price point, years of experience, etc.) and the subjective front (how keen does your firm seem to respond to comments, what is the tone of your firm’s responses, are past clients happy with the results they got with the firm, etc.) For this reason, your social media channels should be seen as an extension of your firm’s personality. If you show you are reliable, your prospects and clients will keep coming back for more ─ even when their case is already over.
  • Your firm benefits from focusing on long-term engagement and the lifetime value of a client. Family law newsletters, podcasts, and creative marketing tools are extremely valuable to keep your firm top of mind. All of these additions enhance your firm’s quality.
  • Online reviews provide value for family lawyers. Reviews offer sincere points of view on the service you provide and thus can push prospects to trust your services. But, reviews can be especially hard to get within the family law industry. Why? Because not only are emotions high, but clients may want to keep family matters private. It is especially important your firm builds a review strategy to get happy clients to review and manage the bad reviews appropriately. This builds on your firm’s overall credibility and sets your prospects’ expectations on what kind of service they will receive if they opt for your firm.

The Consultwebs’ Approach to Family Law Marketing

Did you know that around 83.64% of divorce and child custody leads began on Google’s first search results page? This makes digital the main channel the family law industry is generating business from, and it is also indicative that your competitors are upgrading their digital marketing game to cross paths with as many prospects as possible. Your firm needs a clear marketing strategy to be top-of-mind to remain relevant in this era’s extremely competitive digital landscape.

At Consultwebs, we take a comprehensive approach to family law firm marketing. We help you balance the need for short-term bumps in business with a long-term growth strategy. Our marketing experts create achievable plans while measuring success by focusing on your firm’s return on your investment. Although each firm is different and has their unique needs and goals, you will see that a customized combination of the following services we provide can ultimately position your family law for long-term success:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the basic foundation of a successful online marketing campaign. People rarely go beyond the first page of search results, so your website’s rankings are vital to gaining leads. For family lawyers, successful SEO goes beyond the homepage and top-level practice area pages. After all, most family law clients don’t start their research by searching for a “divorce lawyer.” Their journey may begin with a question like: “Is cheating grounds for a divorce?” or “Should I wait until after my children turn 18 to file for divorce?” Our SEO team uses extensive research and smart strategies to make sure your site contains optimized content that meets potential clients wherever they are in their journey toward hiring a lawyer.


Many family lawyers who come to us say they have tried pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, like Google Ads, without success. Unfortunately, a PPC advertisement without a clear strategy is much like throwing money down the drain. Your firm can 100% prevent this. How? By working next to a team with PPC experience, specifically for law firms. At Consultwebs, you get the benefit of years of experience running successful family law PPC campaigns. Our team focuses on providing quality content next to a high return on investment. We work to ensure you start seeing the top-quality leads you need to sign revenue-generating cases. In fact, we are happy to discuss with you the cost-per-lead and cost-per-case results we have achieved.

Social media is much different for family law firms than for lawyers in other practice areas. That’s because the client journey is so long, and much information is needed along the way. Potential clients tend to gather a lot of information before taking the first step to even contact you. For this reason, you can use your firm’s social media channels to think outside the box and provide additional information such as articles, guidelines, updates within the family legal industry, financial decisions tips, emotional health, family connections, etc. Your social media feed should build your firm as a comprehensive resource for all things related to family law. Even after clients’ cases are resolved, they may rely on your social media to provide ongoing information on matters that could affect them down the line. All this collective effort helps keep your firm top-of-mind. Our social media experts are happy to discuss in detail how we can help your messaging reach the exact audience with which you want to sign cases.

As a family lawyer, you know that your connection with clients goes beyond just being their attorney. You are often forced to play the role of therapist, crisis counselor, and life coach. Your personality and bedside manners are important to clients. To showcase these selling points, your firm can use videos. As humans with online information overload and filtering, visuals are a key component for interest, persuasion, and retention. Videos help potential clients get a feel for who you are and how you talk to people. You can portray and give your firm a ‘face’ of being one that is compassionate and expert in all things family law. In addition, a strong video library empowers your clients to educate themselves and come to their initial consultation with a baseline of knowledge, ultimately saving you time.

Podcasting is one of the family law marketing ideas that not many people consider. However, podcasts can help expand your firm’s reach to clients you perhaps might have otherwise missed.  Because the “sales funnel” is so long for family law clients, a podcast provides a wide net for capturing potential clients who are at various points in their journeys. There is potential to cover a wide range of topics because the issues your clients face are emotional and personal, yet serious. That being the case, podcast topics can go beyond the current divorce or child support battles. Like videos, podcasts provide an opportunity for potential clients to get to know you and your personality. They can “meet” you before they actually meet you. Building this connection enables people to feel comfortable in taking that first step with you.

Family law web design is a specialized field. Everyone wants their website to look nice, but beyond a pretty website, the whole purpose of a website is to bring in quality leads and cases. At Consultwebs, conversion is what drives our website designs. When potential clients arrive at your site, they should be able to find what they are looking for within seconds. Besides this, your website needs to load fast, provide relevant content, interact, and again, convert. One very important aspect is also the mobile-friendly approach. Most people today search the web through their phones; therefore it is important your website’s usability adjusts to the user. Our knowledgeable web designers take into account your target audience while also following the best practices for website optimization.

Our family law marketing experts rely on detailed research and proven success to guide your content marketing strategies. We have developed an extensive database of search topics that signal intent to hire a family law attorney. Our content writers and editors, led by a licensed attorney, are masters at crafting static pages, blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and other assets that prospects find valuable. We work to ensure your content preemptively answers people’s questions and prompts them to contact you to discuss the specifics of their case.

Why Consultwebs Is the Best Choice for Marketing a Family Law Firm

  • We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to law firm marketing. We tailor strategies to your family law practice.
  • Consultwebs understand the nuances of family law and what your clients are looking for. We help you meet potential clients where they are and keep them engaged until they convert.
  • We develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your family law firm.  Our team is made up of proven experts in SEO, paid advertising, web design, social media, video marketing, podcasting, and content marketing ─ all with an exclusive focus on the legal field.
  • Everything we do is driven by data and measured by your return on investment. We want you to hold us accountable for your success, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.
  • Our customer service is unmatched. You will have a dedicated digital marketing manager who answers your calls, responds to your email and provides regular updates on the progress of your campaigns. Our company believes in that personal connection. When you have questions or want to talk, we are here.
  • You own everything we do. All the work we do ─ web design, content, creative assets, podcasts, etc. ─ belongs to you. All the accounts we set up, such as Google analytics, are in your firm’s name. We don’t think you will ever want to leave Consultwebs, but if you do we won’t hold you or your website hostage.

We Care About Your Law Firm’s Success

“Every time I’ve talked with whomever I’ve had helping me at the company, they’ve taken it to heart like it was their own business.”

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