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The power of organic strategies

The Power of Organic marketing for Law firms Should your firm focus on short-term or long-term marketing return on investment (ROI)? While the fruits behind short-term investments like Digital Advertising are obvious, we’ll show you the power behind long-term organic strategies.  Your website[...]

Preparing your firm for web 3. 0

Preparing Your Firm For Web3 Web 3.0 is already charging towards us and the question that arises is: how can your firm's website get ahead of the design curve? Every few decades, the Internet evolves. The original Web 1.0 was coined by Tim Berners Lee, the Web's original inventor. He first coine[...]

Law firm digital marketing vs word of mouth

For a long time, law firms have depended on networking and referral marketing to get more clients through WOM, Word-of-mouth marketing. A big part of this tactic revolves around investing in personal relationships in order to grow. To date, this has always meant attending conferences, fundraisers, c[...]