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How Law firms can use Video marketing to win more Clients

We learn and retain new information in countless ways, but perhaps the most powerful way is through visuals. Most of us prefer to process information through videos that simplify topics enough for us to digest with ease.

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One caveat to take into consideration here, however, is that as much as we appreciate video content, we have also learned how to “declutter” from a phenomenon we face today called, ‘digital information overload.’ Thanks to all of the devices we have access to in this digital era, such as phones, tablets, and computers, we have immediate and endless sources of information, videos, images, etc., at our fingertips. Examples of this phenomenon include consuming too much information, receiving too much information, and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge we are bombarded with. What happens when we feel this way? We shut off.

What does this mean for your law firm?

To acquire and retain prospects and clients, your firm’s digital content needs optimization, and this includes your video content. Just to put it into perspective, here are some of the benefits video can bring your firm:

  • Boost conversions.
  • Increase in retained clients on your firm’s page.
  • Improved trust.
  • Reduction of unqualified leads!

In order to make sure your video strategy is successful, you will need to think about aspects like budget and time, as well as:

  • What kind of video content should your firm place focus on?
  • Where should the videos be published?
  • How can you assure your video’s top quality?

Stay tuned as we uncover some of the best practices your firm can start applying.

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“Don’t overthink it. Keep it Simple.”

This is one of the many tips and tricks Kara Prior gives. Kara, president of James Publishing, recently sat down with us to discuss how law firms can use video marketing to win more clients.

Videos enhance your firm’s personalization strategies, which are critical to getting past the much-dreaded disease that is digital information overload. It is also a competitive advantage you can have over other law firms because not many have yet jumped aboard this movement.

Specifically for firms, there are numerous topics you can cover with a content video strategy, and one relevant tactic Kara mentions is telling stories about cases you have handled in the past.

Story-telling in general is a great way to keep viewers engaged, and story-telling specifically about previous cases you have successfully taken on signals prospects that you have the expertise to handle their issues as well. It really is a win/win situation if you think about it: you get your message across and you position yourself as an industry leader, and your prospects feel reassured that if they choose to sign with you, they will be in good hands.  Technical aspects you should keep in mind with these types of videos are:

  • Covering one case study per video
  • Unfold the story in chronological order in 2 to 3 minutes.
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The Power of FAQs.

FAQs, frequently asked questions, are also a great source to find out what video content you should put out next.  FAQs are a must for several reasons, time-saving reasons being the ones that stand out the most. Fun fact: Around half of all businesses rely on videos to reduce support queries.

In the legal industry, prospects looking for law firms need extra reassurance. They want to make sure they make the right decisions in critical times. Because of this, they might also search your website to see if you provide any answers. This is where a FAQs section is handy.

Users searching for FAQs are also known as ‘pre-legal intent searchers.’ These types of users are in the exploration and evaluation process of the sales funnel. They are looking for answers to specific questions.

Often, many clients looking for law firms do not understand the whole process in the legal industry. Your firm can filter out quality leads versus leads in the evaluation process by providing answers to questions that are frequently asked. Additionally, FAQs can create a ‘snowball effect. Initially, it will save your firm time since you won’t have to answer the same questions verbally. It then creates a snowball effect with your client because

  • Prospects know what lies ahead for them.
  • Prospects come to your firm more educated.

And the snowball effect continues.

Some legal FAQs examples are:

  • What cases does your firm generally handle?
  • What are the fees and costs? And, how are they billed?
  • How do I know if I have a possible case?
  • How will I be informed of my case’s process?
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Where should you post your videos?

Since we have covered the ‘what’ of video marketing for firms, the next step would be to decide the ‘where’. Where should you post your videos?

The businesses that have taken the wise decision to embark on a video-content-creating journey of their own many times forget to share their productions on all their channels. Your website, YouTube, social media platforms like Facebook, and emails are a good place to start sharing them with your contacts and the world!

For videos on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you can include a thumbnail, a compressed preview image. Think of thumbnails as the equivalent of the cover art for books. (Remember, people do judge books by their covers!)

As for emails, your firm can add media links to your firm’s signature or embed the video in the email at the beginning or the middle of the body. No matter where you place the video, sharing videos is part of the game. Around 84% of people say they are convinced to purchase a service by watching the videos they are sent.

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How can you make sure your video is top-quality?

Your firm can follow a handful of best practices to ensure the videos are top-quality. To mention a few:

  • Make sure to focus on the story, not selling. As previously mentioned, most prospects looking at videos are not yet ready to use your firm’s services.
  • Grab the user’s attention in the first seconds. This attention grabber is known as a “hook.” Since the human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since the beginning of the digital era, you need to make sure the first 5-8 seconds start strong.
  • Use subtitles. Most videos today are, ironically, played without sound. Your firm might want to make sure the videos work without sound by adding images and subtitles.
  • Include calls to action. Your videos should redirect the prospects to an action you want them to take. Not all actions are meant to sell. Other actions you can push for are: subscribe, follow, like, etc.

Bonus Tip!

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If your firm doesn’t have enough case studies or cannot disclose relevant information, you can also try implementing explainer videos. Explainer videos rely on text/presentation rather than having a person in front of the camera. They educate your prospects on complex subjects in the legal industry.

The process in explainer videos is very flexible and doesn’t require any live production or filming. Therefore, you can accommodate a presentation, graphics, infographics, and other visuals to explain just about anything you deem necessary.

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Maximize your firm’s image.

Finding out where to start with your firm’s video strategy is the first step. The second step is the actual production.

Videos, like all other content, require an ongoing process and constant updates. But when executed correctly, videos can work in your firm’s favor for a plethora of reasons.

If you want your firm to maximize its image, clientele list and stay ahead of the competition, you can have it all in the palm of your hand.

Learn how to craft a video marketing strategy that maximizes your firm’s ROI. Talk to the experts.

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