The State of Legal Marketing in 2024: Predictions, Trends and Preparations

If you think you can coast into 2024 on autopilot, it’s time to think again.  

Prepare for what’s coming right here! 

More Firms Are Opting for Agile-Driven Services

How are law firms managing all the natural moving pieces in marketing? Easy: in 2024 the majority are opting for Agile-driven services. 

It’s one of the reasons why Consultwebs is the first marketing agency for law firms to adopt an Agile approach to digital advertising. 

In a world reshaped by economic unpredictability, one thing’s certain: 2024 stands as a beacon year for adventurous and transformative digital marketing. 

In this incredible resource, you will:

  • Get ahead with 40+ pages of essential trends and tech for future-ready law firms.
  • Skip 100+ hours of research—your one-stop guide to AI, SEO, and digital ad mastery.
  • Discover 25+ actionable predictions and how to capitalize on them.
  • Grab FREE exclusive tools tailor-made for go-getter law firms.
  • Learn from legal marketing’s brightest luminaries.


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