Last-Minute Marketing Campaigns to Boost Holiday Traffic

boost holiday web traffic

It seems like the holidays sneak up on us every year and leave us feeling stressed and behind schedule. At such a busy time of year, a holiday marketing strategy for your law firm may not have crossed your mind. But don’t despair, there is still time to plan a great promotion for an added boost to your campaign while spreading some holiday cheer.

Implementing a marketing campaign this time of year can be very beneficial because people who are in the holiday spirit are more likely to invest their time and money, which paves the way to the following:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • New subscribers to a newsletter or email list
  • Additional followers on social media accounts
  • Brand exposure
  • Relationship building

The Key to Successful Planning

Before you begin, I encourage you to set a realistic and specific goal from the list above, such as a certain number of new page likes on Facebook or a certain number of new Twitter followers.

Setting a goal will help you achieve the expectations you have for your campaign, determine what you need to do in order to get started, and help measure your success. This information is a necessary component to help you gauge whether adjustments are needed during or after your campaign.

Below we offer some examples of holiday campaigns that have proven to show big returns:


A great way to gain attention not only during the holidays, but year-round as well, is by holding a contest. During this time of year, people are actively purchasing gifts for loved ones, friends, daycare providers, teachers, colleagues, and more. Giving people the opportunity to win something that they could potentially use as a gift will often inspire people to take time out of their day to enter to win, leading additional traffic to your website or social accounts and increasing followers.

Contests are a great option because your firm does not need a substantial financial investment to see results. You can set your own budget based on what your firm is willing to spend on a prize.

Contest prizes can range in a variety of types and values such as:

  • Scholarship
  • Gift card or shopping spree
  • Tickets to a local sporting event
  • Cash prizes
  • And many more

Get creative with what you offer, and be sure to set the contest up in a way that best supports reaching your goal. Your contest might utilize social media or sponsorships, or perhaps your offer requires you to add a page to your website that includes the contest information. If applicable, utilize local avenues that could publish your contest information as well to increase reach.


Sponsoring drives are a great way to give back to the community while also increasing your traffic. When you sponsor a drive, you’re not only supporting a good cause, but you’re also creating positive publicity and brand recognition among potential clients and local organizers.

Typically, if running a drive, you will want to collaborate with some local organizations and form a partnership. The type of drive that you run will determine which organizations you reach out to.

A few examples of drives can include:

  • Toy drives
  • Food drives
  • Clothing drives
  • Fund drives, while matching donations

Promotional Freebies

This type of campaign typically requires a large amount of planning and coordination, but carries big potential for great results. Law firms have a variety of great options for promotions and giveaways with the holiday season drawing near.

Some examples could be:

  • Free taxi rides home (within a certain distance)
  • Uber codes for safe rides home
  • Coupons for a percentage off of a good or service
  • Legal services and consultations.

For these types of contests, you will most likely need to utilize third-party sources, additional local business partnerships and a larger budget than the other options.

Putting in specific parameters for users to be qualified for the promotion or giveaway will help ensure that you see return on investment.

The parameters could include one or more of the following:

  • Liking your social accounts
  • Sharing about social accounts to friends and audiences
  • Adding a link to the promotion on their blog or website
  • Sharing about your website on social media

Running a holiday campaign also provides opportunities to create relationships with local businesses, highly relevant and newsworthy topics to pitch to local newspapers and excellent brand exposure.

As with any contest, be sure you follow your state and local rules for contests and giveaways. We hope that you will find success this holiday season in boosting your traffic and creating long-term followers.