Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Law Firm

As the holiday season approaches, law firms must take advantage of the perfect opportunity to strengthen their relationships with their clients, boost their marketing efforts, and expand their firm’s network.

During the holiday, connecting with clients on a more personal level fosters trust and goodwill. It showcases the firm’s good value and will also create a positive impression of your firm to prospective clients. 

The power of word of mouth

Let’s explore the latest holiday marketing ideas that are specifically tailored for law firms to enhance visibility while establishing meaningful connections— because, after all, we are greatly influenced by those we like and trust. 

So, grab a cup of your favorite holiday drink, and let’s indulge in learning how to turn this holiday season into a productive and memorable one for your law firm! 

Host a Community Service Holiday Event

Engaging in community service events can have a great impact on your firm’s marketing efforts and your overall sense of gratification. 

Consumers love companies that give back

Community Service Is So Important, and Here Is Why

✅It captivates socially conscious clients

✅Clients nowadays are more aware of environmental and social issues, that’s why they prefer businesses that support the same causes as them.

✅Community service is one of the best ways to showcase that your firm is a part of the community and that they share their clients’ values. 

Monica Tarantino, Digital Marketing Manager at Consultwebs, has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and concurs with the importance of law firms being part of a community. 

Momica Tarantino on Community Service

Truly, by giving back to your local community, you not only help those who are in need but also promote your law firm’s dedication to social responsibility, which will set your firm apart from your competitors. And quite frankly, why not give back, right?! Gift-giving is a beautiful act. 

Monica takes a deep dive into the impact law firms can have in their community service. Check it out:

Digitally Decorate for the Holidays

Adding a symbol of the holidays is a simple but powerful way to add some holiday touch to your branding. 

You can include this strategy on your: 


Social media


✅ Newsletters

Promote a Giveaway on Social Media

December is coined the ‘giving season,’ but honestly, this should be an all-year-round practice, and you can get creative through your socials! 

It’s no secret that most people spend time on their favorite social media platforms pretty much every day. While Consultwebs offers more tailored strategies for effective law firm social media marketing, the holidays present a unique opportunity for all law firms!

You can offer a giveaway by: 

  • Offering gift cards 
  • Offering a giveaway and boosting engagement by adding calls to action like, ‘tag 3 friends’, ‘repost this in your story and add the hashtag #______’) 
  • Hosting charitable donations (Which causes do you deeply care about?) 
  • Offering gifts to members of your community and, of course, staff 

Pro-tip: If you want to build better relationships and expand your reach at the same time, you can do all of this by partnering up with a local business/organization. 

Christmas marketing idea "giveaway offer"

Gamifying the contest is a surefire way to boost engagement and energize the giveaway and you can get creative with this.

One example would be, “The first 50 to like this post get entered to win!” is a lot better than “Like and share!” Contests like this also have the added benefit of beefing up your social media presence with outbound links.

Donate to Charity

There is no shortage of national and local charities and nonprofits that would welcome donations at this (or any) time of year. 
At Consultwebs, we host a beautiful initiative called CW4Good. As Rosana Hernandez, administrative assistant at Consultwebs, states: 

If your caseload isn’t too heavy, you could offer pro bono legal work to someone in need or host a free legal clinic. You could also give a percentage cash donation to a worthy local charity for each new case you take during a certain time frame. 

The following are charities looking for donations: 

  •  Make A Wish Foundation 
  •  The American Red Cross
  •  Local Children’s Home Societies 
  •  Local Community Programs 

However, we encourage you to think local. The more you engage within your community, the more top of mind you will be, and honestly, local communities often need the most support! 

Fun Office and Online Activities With Your Staff!   

Don’t underestimate the power of building connections with your direct teammates! 

Firms that are interested in virtual Christmas parties or office parties can benefit from hosting a hybrid approach. On one hand, the firms that are in-office have an epic photo opportunity. This can be helpful in your law firm’s social media marketing through promoting the event and posting pictures with the staff’s permission. 

On the other hand, firms working from home or with a hybrid office can bring their team together by hosting virtual Christmas events on platforms like Zoom. It’s important to prepare beforehand for this, e.g., who will be the host? Is there an activity planned? etc. 

Some fun activities to include during your virtual Christmas party include: 

💡Online Bingo

💡Scavenger hunts

💡Christmas-themed games and activities

💡Virtual trivia

And if you want to give a present to the winners or through a raffle, make sure to add a personal touch. For example, have their name and your law firm’s name engraved on, e.g., a t-shirt, a mug, stickers, etc. 

(Want to know a trick as to why this works even in the short term? From a psychological standpoint, this works because people love belonging! The more you build on this idea of belonging, the better.)

Send Holiday Cards to Previous Clients

You likely already have some sort of communication in place with both existing and former clients. Do not overlook the personalized touch of sending holiday wishes to these folks. 

Word-of-mouth referrals and previous clients are your best salespeople! Their powerful word of mouth could all circle back and give you more with time. This is where nurturing relationships are key. Remember the small details, and get to know them during the legal intake process and after. 

If you’ve been practicing for longer than a decade, you should have an ample list of people you can remind of your services while also offering warm greetings and gifts. 

One Final Tip:

Do not wait until the last minute to get your holiday law firm marketing started. If you want to promote any of these through your socials and website, it takes time and effort on behalf of your online law firm marketing agency. On the other hand, from an SEO and rankings standpoint, it can take several days, if not weeks, for Google and other search engines to index changes made to your website. 

Do you need more holiday advertising ideas?