The First Legal Marketing Agency to Go Agile

There’s a trend towards organizational agility, and Consultwebs is the first legal marketing agency to adopt Agile. Why does this matter for firms? And how do you know if your firm is Agile or not? (Take the FREE ANALYSIS at the end.)

For firms investing in marketing, here are a few questions: 

  • Can your marketing agency handle fast-paced digital marketing work? 
  • Are they contributing to your firm’s long-term plans? 
  • Are they able to take advantage of emerging opportunities and trends? 
  • Are they able to use your budget in the most dynamic way possible? 
  • How do they handle changing priorities? 
  • What about increasing diversity among your projects?

Today, there is an apparent rise in organizational agility. For this reason, it’s critical the agency you opt for:

  • Has the ability to handle fast-paced, dynamic work like various digital advertising channels.
  • Clarifies how marketing contributes to your firm’s success.
  • Takes advantage of emerging opportunities.


We understand digital marketing services are dynamic and highly complex, and to meet today’s demands, Consultwebs was the first legal marketing agency to adopt Agile.

So, what is Agile? More importantly, why is it essential for law firms, and how does it look in action? 

We’ve previously covered some of the top FAQs for law firms going agile. Still, generally speaking, Agile is a tactical approach that gives businesses the ability to change, specifically to create the most effective responses to change; this includes in-house Agile practices and/or external organizational agility. For firms investing in marketing, this is the key to the best management.

Now, let’s look at the challenges and opportunities law firms can expect when adopting an Agile agency.

Why Consultwebs is Adopting Agile Management

Firms want to navigate challenges and venture into new opportunities, which is precisely what Consultwebs is helping firms accomplish. AgileSherpas, the world’s leading Agile training, found that more B2B and B2B industries are moving from traditional waterfall techniques to Agile. Take a look:

Agile Marketing Techniques

Understanding today’s customers’ touchpoints

Marketing is a highly-complex service, and the work between capturing a lead, nurturing it, and turning it into an actual case is far-stretched but not impossible, as we’ve seen in the profitable success many firms have with us. 

However, can only one channel take all the credit for a firm’s success? Actually, on average, it can take around 8 different touchpoints to engage a user. For this reason alone, the most successful firms today are trying to be everywhere, digitally speaking. We continue to witness this first-hand, case after case.

Improving your firm’s chances of being top of mind 

Nobody decides to wake up in the morning and call a law firm, but you’ll want to be there when the time comes and they do. Prospects contact a firm once they require legal services, but that shouldn’t stop firms from creating an association and relationship beforehand. This is what is known as brand recall.

Making the most of the digital advertising budget 

Firms investing, or looking to invest, in digital advertising services can benefit the most from our marketing Agile management. Why? The top benefit of Agile is better management of changing priorities and projects. Due to the dynamic and complex nature of digital advertising, this is a match made in heaven. 


In fact, the latest tech report by AgileSherpas finds that Agile management is being adopted primarily for social media efforts.

Social media Efforts in Agile Marketing

With Agile management in place, Consultwebs can swiftly relocate a firm’s digital advertising budget accordingly. The adoption of Agile is helping businesses dynamically reallocate their budget on an ongoing basis:

Agile Marketing Budget Changes after Adoption

An Example of How Agile Works With Consultwebs: 

  • If data suggests costs are increasing on Facebook during the holiday season, we would have limited options when making Facebook campaign alterations or turning it off before Agile. 
  • Now, Agile allows us to use those funds on other platforms like Google Ads, LSAs, Digital Audio, etc. Here, clients can still get consistent results while Facebook runs at a higher cost.

Planning for the Unplanned Road Ahead 

Investing in organizational agility doesn’t mean problems won’t arise. However, challenges like last-minute requests, lack of consistency in work, and poor effectiveness are handled better than in traditional teams.

All firms investing marketing dollars need a team that is:

  • Aligning with your goals, especially long-term ones. 
  • Maximizing the customer experience. 
  • Moving the needle. 

Before diving in, you’ll want to know: “How Agile is my firm’s marketing?” 


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Whether you want to plan for the unplanned road ahead, ask more questions, see Agile management in action, or more, we’re here to help.