Best time to post on YouTube

Best time to post on youtube

Let’s dissect the analytics behind video marketing publishing schedules and unearth the Best Time for Law Firms to Post on YouTube in 2024. 

To start, let’s look at the latest data.

These numbers show how powerful YouTube videos are. It is important to note, however, that a significant portion of YouTube activity takes place on web browsers, and even if you only look at app activity, YouTube still holds the largest share of total time among these top social apps (due to its large user base.) 

(And there’s a good chance your prospective clients are probably amongst the audience consuming content!) 

Time spent using social media apps graph

Stay on top of the competition by understanding the optimal posting times to maximize your firm’s likelihood of reaching larger audiences.

Why the Best Time to Post on YouTube Matters for Law Firms in 2024

Understanding the best time to post on YouTube is no longer a mere suggestion; it’s a strategic necessity for law firms looking to get the most out of their video library.

Learning the perfect timing for your YouTube posts gives you the following benefits:

  • Improve views and conversions with well-timed content 
  • Increase the likelihood of your videos appearing in users’ feed
  • Stay ahead of the competition and capture attention before your competitors do 

Moreover, Consultwebs emphasizes that following the best timing for posting your YouTube content can lead to higher engagement rates and, thus, drive actions that ultimately lead to new clients. 

Remember, being at the right place at the right time is key. 

Reasons why knowing the best time to post on YouTube matters for law firms in 2024:

  • Establish Authority – How can your firm show its ongoing commitment to providing the best legal services? By being at the right place at the right time. 
  • Improve Your Visibility – Whether it’s encouraging viewers to schedule consultations or sign up for newsletters, strategic posting can drive actions that ultimately lead to new clients.
  • Gain Competition Advantage – Posting strategically in 2024 means you will position your firm front and center before competitors. 
  • Become the Thought Leader – You can set the tone and advocate by posting strategically and empowering clients by advocating on important issues, legal updates, case stories, etc.


Discovering the Best Time to Post YouTube Videos for Maximum Visibility

Whether your law firm has timely news your team wants to share or wants to drive traffic back to the site to convert more prospects into cases, you should know how to determine the best time to post videos. You may find that your audience engages with your video content in a different way than other law firms in your area. This is because it all depends on whom you want to reach with your video content and who you are attracting, making it essential to tailor your posting schedule to when your target audience is most active

To succeed in this process, we suggest that, once you have posted your first few videos onto the platform, you should access the data insights on the YouTube analytics tools to help pinpoint when your specific audience is online. It would be wise to make checking your video analytics a habit, as consistent observation and adaptation are critical to discerning the best time to post, given its inclination to fluctuate throughout the year. 

As creators ourselves, we have seen that the optimal times for law firms to post are typically in the late afternoons and early evenings on weekdays, when viewers are unwinding and more likely to engage with content. However, this may vary based on demographics and law firm niche. Understanding audience habits across different time zones is also imperative for channels with a global viewership. 

Our best tip for law firms looking to know the best time to post content is to embrace the process of trial and error.  We at Consultwebs would also be more than happy to help you optimize your posting schedule for maximum visibility. Remember, the best time to post on YouTube is when your viewers are naturally watching and hence, ready to engage.

To better understand this, here are the essential factors you should consider before posting your YouTube videos:

Using YouTube Analytics to Schedule Your Video Posting Times

If you want to take a deeper dive and have a more active role in your firm’s video marketing (and its results), the best thing to do is to consult with experts. For example, if you are working with an elite law firm marketing agency like Consultwebs, you can sit down with your digital marketing manager and go over the following analytics:


Strategy How to apply it
Analyze Peak Viewing Times To maximize visibility, check the “When your viewers are on YouTube” report to schedule posts slightly before peak times.
Understand Viewers’ Habits Use data from the “Audience” tab to tailor your posting schedule to the days and times your audience prefers.
Consider Time Zone Differences Adjust posting times based on where most of your audience resides, as determined by YouTube Analytics.
Examine Historical Data Identify trends in viewing times and engagement from past video performance to inform future posting schedules.
Evaluate Engagement Metrics Assess comments, likes, and shares to determine when your audience will most likely engage with your content.
Test Different Times Experiment with posting times to find when your videos receive the most attention and engagement.
Monitor Competitor Channels Observe competitors’ posting times for additional insights while maintaining a unique strategy.
Watch for Traffic Sources Use the “Traffic Source” report to optimize your schedule according to the times and days that drive the most traffic from different platforms.
Pay Attention to Duration Post longer videos at times when viewers are more likely to have time to watch, like evenings or weekends.
Use Consistency to Train Your Audience Remain consistent with a successful posting schedule to train your audience to expect new content at those times, increasing initial viewership.
Check Subscriber Behavior Review which videos gained or lost subscribers in the “Subscribers” report and correlate this to posting times to adjust your schedule.
Optimize for Special Events Time your video release to coincide with relevant events, legal holidays, or trending topics for maximized relevance and interest.
Utilize Scheduling Features Use YouTube’s scheduling feature to ensure videos go live at the best times determined by analytics.
Stay Agile Regularly review analytics data and adjust your posting schedule to align with viewer behavior.


The Best Time to Post on YouTube

Considerations Details
Peak YouTube Usage Hours Post between 2 PM and 4 PM on weekdays for increased visibility due to higher user activity.
Weekday Posting for B2B Post on Tuesday through Thursday for business clients, as these are peak days for seeking industry-related informational content.
Weekends for B2C Publish on weekends, specifically Saturdays between 9 AM and 11 AM, targeting consumers with leisure time for browsing.
Time Zone Considerations Adjust the posting schedule to the time zone of most of your audience, or consider overlapping peak hours across time zones for global reach.
Early Week Leads Posting on Monday or Tuesday can enhance content traction and weekly engagement.



The Worst Times to Post on YouTube – When to Avoid Uploading

Let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. 

Understanding the worst times to post on YouTube is as critical as knowing the optimal posting schedule. Of course, you will want to avoid uploading during periods when your audience is less likely to engage. No sense in making a grand appearance if there is no crowd to watch, right?

Uploading at the worst time can mean your firm could get lost in a sea of videos.  Remember, the goal isn’t just to post on YouTube. A critical piece in the equation is ensuring your content also reaches as many viewers as possible.

Research conducted in the recent past can serve as a general guide, but it’s important to remember that these worst times might fluctuate with changes in audience behavior. Moreover, combining expert insights, leveraging analytics, and reflecting on studies t on YouTube consumer behavior can inform a more strategic approach.

Worst Posting Times on YouTube

Timing Consideration Reasons
Early Morning (Before 6 AM) Low engagement as most viewers are inactive. Your content might risk being buried by newer videos during active hours.
Typical Commuting Times Morning and evening commutes see a surge in daily vlogs and news that can overshadow your content.
Late Night (After 11 PM) Engagement drops as users sign off, making it a poor time for reach.
Work Hours (9 AM to 11 AM) Viewer attention is divided due to work commitments, and can lead to lower engagement.
Work Hours (1 PM to 3 PM) Another period during work hours with divided attention and lower viewer activity.
Early Afternoon (12 PM to 2 PM) A lull in viewer activity during these hours makes it a less optimal time to post.
During Major Global Events Audiences may be more attentive to events like the Olympics or FIFA World Cup, leading to reduced attention to new content.
Early Mornings on Weekends With audiences likely sleeping in, early morning weekend posts may see poor engagement.
Late Night Weekdays Posting late in the evening on weekdays may not be effective, as the target audience is less likely to be active online.
Bank Holidays Potential viewers often engage in holiday celebrations, resulting in lower YouTube activity.
During the YouTube Maintenance Window Posting during scheduled maintenance periods may affect video visibility due to potential technical issues on the platform.
Right Before a YouTube Algorithm Update Posting just before an algorithm update without understanding its implications can negatively impact content visibility.
Immediately After Posting Another Video Releasing videos too close together can diminish the exposure and engagement of each, as they compete for audience attention.


Consider that diverse time zones affect optimal posting times; one region’s worst time could be another’s peak time. As a result, Consultwebs strongly suggests always utilizing YouTube analytics to determine your audience’s best posting times. If you are already partnered with us, lean on us for more insights! 

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts before posting on YouTube, let’s talk about the broader benefits of leveraging YouTube videos.

We previously mentioned videos can help position you as a thought leader. But there is more than meets the eye!

Posting Videos on YouTube Can Contribute to EEAT Google Guidelines

Your firm can benefit from posting YouTube videos and boost your EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), which is one of Google’s top quality raters which is used to rank your firm’s website. In other words, posting informative videos on YouTube can significantly improve how Google views and ranks your website. It’s like giving your online presence a vote of confidence, showcasing your expertise and reliability in the legal field, ultimately leading to more potential clients to find you online. 

We all know that videos visually demonstrate knowledge and skills, helping establish credibility and authority in a particular subject. Although videos are not required for EEAT, they can still enhance your website’s EEAT signals. For law firms, this means having: 

  • Improved rankings, which translates to more business – Law firms that prioritize enhancing their EEAT scores are more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Enhanced credibility, which boosts caseload  – Credibility attracts potential clients and builds trust, leading to higher conversion rates and client retention. 
  • Mitigation of legal risks, which may mean higher rankings than your competition  – Any business providing inaccurate or misleading information online runs the risk of being penalized by Google and, thus, not ranking and losing potential clients. By ensuring your content is accurate and trustworthy, you reduce the likelihood of this. 

Even Consultwebs’ Video Editor, Sebastian Verde, reiterates this: “There are many questions [potential clients have] related to the legal industry. Aside from looking through your firm’s website, prospects might also go through your social media pages. If you have YouTube videos answering different kinds of questions, e.g., the service process, you’ve already got them engaged, and so there’s a higher chance they’ll call you for your services.”

Youtube videos sebastian quote

See a video sample of a law firm working with Consultwebs:

This 2024, Digital Will Still Dominate Advertisement Spend

In the past years, the significant result of effective digital advertising through various channels has been proven, and this data concludes it all. 

In 2023, clients worldwide spent almost $720 billion on digital ads, which is more than 10 percent from 2022. According to Statista, digital ad spending has more than doubled in the past five years, with the latest total roughly 117% higher than the previous year.

Digital advertising spend graph

YouTube Can Significantly Impact Your Channel’s Performance and Engagement Levels

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, staying informed and analyzing your unique viewer data will help you fine-tune your strategy. 

That’s why consulting experts like Consultwebs can further refine your approach to ensure your YouTube content consistently hits the mark in 2024 and beyond!

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