Author: Christen Philbrook

Building a Recession-Proof Law Firm According to a survey by Bankrate, almost 59% of the top economists predict a potential recession by July 2024. This is equal to a 3-in-5 chance of an economic drop. We are all aware that a recession can mean the following: 📉Job losses 📉Decrease in bus[...]

Marketing frills sacrifice honesty for followings and conversions. Today’s marketers push limits- adopting overly ‘salesy’ language. Some businesses can lose credibility over this kind of content. That’s why law firms keep off aggressive marketing campaigns. Words and impressions are seri[...]

'Significant Objects' was an experiment devised by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn. The purpose of it was to demonstrate the power of stories. In short, they went on their computer, purchased 200 objects with the criteria of each being $1.25 on average, and spent a total of $129. Then 200 contributing w[...]

How’s your firm's pulse looking?   Is it strong? Weak? Slow? Normal? Not sure?  You can keep track of this with key performance indicators. KPIs are performance measurements that help you understand how your firm is doing at the department level (marketing, finances, business development, e[...]

Your firm’s online presence should start with a robust website that offers an illustration of who you are as a firm and helps you stand out from your competition. There are many critical components that make up a website, some important components your firm should keep in mind include: Usa[...]

Core Web Vitals: Google’s Next Big Update Come May 2021, the Google algorithm as we know it will change – again. Though the search engine undergoes near-constant updates, the vast majority go under the radar. The upcoming core update, however, is one that will potentially impact your SEO effort[...]

more vendors, more problems

When searching for vendors to handle your law firm’s digital marketing, it is smart to interview multiple companies. After all, you’ll want to look through their web design portfolio, talk about search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, discuss their track record for return on investment, and[...]

how lawyers will be essential to covid recovery

During the pandemic, “essential worker” has become a household term. Healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, and many others have played a crucial role in keeping the country moving forward even as the majority of people were ordered to stay at home.[...]


Tell us if you’ve met this guy before: John Smith is a personal injury attorney who handles car accident cases, slip-and-fall claims, and wrongful death cases. He has years of experience and has been named a Super Lawyer. He also offers free initial consultations. Does this describe every perso[...]