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Law firms that want to grow their business online know that digital marketing is no longer optional. There is no shortage of advice on digital marketing “best practices” on the Internet, at conferences and seminars, from colleagues – but rarely does the advice talk about application. Most advice tends to be generalized and bland, avoiding specificity to avoid accountability. We wanted to change that with our “Always, Sometimes, Never” series.

Always, sometimes, never advice for law firm marketers

The “Always, Sometimes, Never” campaign delivers actionable advice on five main areas of digital marketing: SEO, Local SEO, Web Design, Content, and Social Media. Rather than a static list, this action-based framework prioritizes and identifies digital marketing practices, and more importantly, helps you find activities that you can stop altogether, freeing up necessary bandwidth to focus on the areas that matter. Here’s what you’ll learn:


Search engine optimization

Consultwebs has been helping clients connect with law firms online since 1999. We’ve built hundreds of sites, designed thousands of pages, and we continue to develop our time-tested strategies for Search Engine Optimization. We’ll show you why internal links are always a good idea, discuss how a few content audits a year can make a huge difference, and why you can never forget the “big picture” when it comes to SEO for lawyers.

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Local SEO

Local search engine optimization

Over the last 20 years, we’ve driven almost a million leads to our clients through solid local SEO strategies. In this section, you’ll discover why ratings and reviews deserve your constant attention, how a few paid listings in a local directory can make a huge impact, and why you should never use call tracking numbers for local optimization.

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Web Design

Web design tips for law firms

With several award-winning web designs in our portfolio, Consultwebs is passionate about designing beautiful, responsive, high-converting web destinations for lawyers. Learn why form fields are always best kept to a minimum, why fancy “hide/reveal” designs can sometimes negatively impact your site, and why flashy designs and dead links are never a good idea.

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Social Media

Asn social media

With an extensive and exclusive client list of law firms across the country, we’re constantly innovating and learning from every social media marketing campaign we engage with. Learn why paid distribution is always a good idea, how automation is sometimes the best way forward, and why ignoring comments is never a good idea.

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Content and on-page optimization

The content of a page on your law firm’s website is an important part of what qualifies it for a search position. Discover why content should always give readers a reason to call, why latent semantic indexing is mildly important, and why you should never forget to optimize.

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We hope you find these resources helpful in your efforts to get a better return from your firm’s investment in digital marketing. If you have any questions about this guide or other activities related to marketing your firm, our team at Consultwebs is happy to speak with you. Since 1999 we’ve been helping clients and law firms connect. Contact us today at, follow us on social media, and check out The LAWsome Podcast.



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