2024 Social Media Trends: Insights by a Leading Legal Marketing Expert

2024 social media trends and predictions




Adopt innovative strategies by getting the top insights from a law firm social media expert on: 

  • Why law firms are increasingly investing in social media 
  • The proven strategies that work best 

When does social media go from being a nice-to-have to a must-have?

In 2024, social media for law firms is no longer an optional channel. Social media is a must-have for strategic visibility, and the numbers back this up. 

There are several benefits behind social media for law firms, including: 

✅Enhancing visibility 

✅Building relationships 

✅Boosting your firm as the thought leader 

✅Reaching larger audiences at a cost-effective price (unlike traditional marketing)

✅ Enabling a better crisis and reputation management strategy

✅Staying visible and being top of mind for prospective clients 

However, the consequences of not being on social media are more immense.

According to research, the main deterrents to hiring an attorney, according to legal consumers in the United States and Canada, include: 

❌No online presence (website, directory, and socials) 

❌No proof of successful cases/ wins 

❌No connection between you and the attorney and more. 

Response rates

The good news is that you can get past these barriers and know where it’s worthwhile to put your energy with the top social trends of 2024. 

In the LAWsome episode, ‘Revolutionizing Law Firms With Social Media Trends,’ Paige York, social media coordinator at Consultwebs, one of the leading law firm marketing agencies, unveiled a treasure trove of gems. 

  1. All Eyes On Video

Videos are only getting more popular. According to Paige, platforms like TikTok will begin prioritizing long-form videos. 

Unsurprisingly, more law firms will invest in videos to easily share and recycle content across social media and strengthen their image. 

But law firms aren’t cutting, editing, and adding special effects, etc., alone. More law firms are opting for Consulwebs to have videos like: 

💡Corporate videos 

💡Promo videos


See one of our video samples here: 

  1. Legal Professionals Broaden Networking Horizons Beyond LinkedIn

As we move into 2024, legal professionals are recognizing the importance of a diverse approach to networking and client engagement. While LinkedIn has its merits, especially for interactions and referrals within the legal community, it’s not the only key platform for law firms.

The evolving digital landscape underscores the significance of:

  1. Broader social media engagement: Professional profiles across various social platforms are becoming just as crucial as website bios, particularly for those seeking legal services. This diversified presence caters to a wider audience, beyond the confines of LinkedIn.  
  2. Multi-platform networking: Legal professionals are expanding their reach by engaging in the collaborative cultures of different social media platforms. This approach not only fosters connections within the industry, but also reaches potential clients and target audiences who might not be active on LinkedIn. 

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  1. Celebrating ‘Inchstones’

As Paige York recommends law firms, ‘People want to see the little wins. Don’t just wait to showcase your best attorney in the area once per year.’  

We will see more people celebrating ‘inchstones’ instead of milestones. People want to see the little wins. Don’t just wait to showcase your best attorney in the area once per year, which is something I notice frequently. But things like settling a case for a person and them being incredibly grateful, snapping a photo with them, and celebrating together are key. People want to see those types of wins on social media.”  

– Paige York, Social Media Coordinator at Consultwebs 

Celebrating the small (big) wins doesn’t just translate to more engagement; it also builds a deeper connection. Across all industries, clients like a friendly face, and social media platforms like Instagram will help you stand out.

These trends are just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 25+ forecasts set to shift the law firm industry this year, and we’ve compiled all the research. 


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