Month: July 2020

content marketing for family law firms

We talk to lawyer & founder of New Beginnings Family Law, Amber James, about understanding your audience, developing an effective brand message, and making the most out of content for your Family Law Practice. NEWS - GUEST - © 202[...]

the mindful money episode

We’re talking about being better at business, finances, and life, just by being in the moment, with the ever-present, Jonathan DeYoe of Mindful.Money. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

billing models and legal tech

We’re talking flat fees, subscription services, and the hourly rate, and we talk to lawyer & synth legend, Jonathan Tobin, of Counsel for Creators, about his reasons for different billing options, technology in the law firm, customer service and more! NEWS - [...]

lessons learned on the run

We’re talking creativity, developing ideas, and lessons learned on the run by author, lawyer, and runner David Kempston. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]