Month: May 2020

how lawyers will be essential to covid recovery

During the pandemic, “essential worker” has become a household term. Healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, and many others have played a crucial role in keeping the country moving forward even as the majority of people were ordered to stay at home.[...]

document security in the law firm

We’re talking about document security, remote lawyers, COVID, and keeping the virtual doors of your law firm fastened with tech, with Jordan Ellington. NEWS - GUEST - © Consultwebs[...]

the legal gig economy

We’re talking about outsourcing and freelancing for lawyers, with lawyer and LawClerk co-founder, Kristin Tyler. NEWS - GUEST - ©2020 Consultwebs[...]

covering your law firm's assets

We’re talking about covering your assets, content marketing, grit, guts, and grace, with Lin Eleoff. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

the wealthy woman lawyer

We’re talking about leadership, gender, and the practice of law, with Davina Frederick from Wealthy Woman Lawyer. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]