Month: December 2019

the lawsome year end episode

We look forward to the new year and talk about trends, topics, we’ve seen in the past, what we see coming in the future, and what we’re hopeful for. © 2019 Consultwebs[...]

a lawsome christmas carol

“A LAWsome Christmas Carol” brings Dickens’ famous cautionary tale to the world of legal marketing & technology in a festive and unforgettable way. A lawyer stuck in the past is taken on a voyage by time-travelling spirits, and along the journey, learns the true meaning of the law firm. [...]

paying for law firm seo and not seeing results?

Sometimes, a law firm paying for SEO is invested in moving up the search results, but they aren’t seeing the traffic, or the investments, converting into cases. What could be the problem? READ THE BLOG - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]

running a successful law firm & other things

Why some business books miss the mark, and an on-target discussion with immigration lawyer, advocate, and author, Ruby Powers about her new book, "Build and Manage Your Successful Immigration Law Practice (Without Losing Your Mind)" NEWS - GUEST - http[...]

the data driven legal marketer

We talk about data driven marketing trends, and then about effective growth and marketing strategies for law firms with Bill Bice. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]