Month: April 2019

eat your greens

We talk about strategy vs tactics and how marketing can grab the wheel, then we dig in with author & international master-marketer, Wiemer Snijders, to talk about the book “Eat Your Greens,” and learn how lawyers can grow their brands. NEWS - GUEST -[...]

who answers for your law firm? taking intake seriously

We talk about intake at law firms, why it’s so important, and then we speak with Diana Steepleton from Ruby Receptionists and learn how intake is so much more than just answering the phone! NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]

stop putting out fires at your law firm

We talk about tech fixes to productivity problems in the modern law firm, and we sit with attorney, author, and legal FireFighter Jeremy Richter, to learn how to battle the blazes of owning a business. NEWS -[...]

legal upheaval

Buzzword-laden legal tech articles that miss the point, and a chat with Michelle Destefano that hits every point! What does it take to innovate, understand, and upheave the legal services industry? NEWS - GUEST - h[...]

seo for law firms

We talk about Search Engine Optimization and how lawyers can use it for their firms, then we discuss digital marketing with THE Neil Patel. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 - Consultwebs[...]