Utilizing Facebook PPC to Grow Your Law Firm’s Social Network

Utilizing Facebook PPC to Grow Your Law Firm’s Social Network

It’s been said that Facebook is the new word of mouth for law firms. However, many firms run into the same problem – the frustration of growing an organic network quickly. Of course, you want to encourage your satisfied clients to “like” your page, to leave testimonials and tell their friends and family about you. This fills your network with valuable Facebook users, but it isn’t going to earn you the Social Proof that is essential for an optimal Social Media campaign.

Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) has limited uses. It will never top Google PPC for optimal ROI, but it can help expand your Social Media presence by attracting an organic network of Facebook users that you might not have encountered otherwise. We have seen great success with Facebook PPC when growing a network for a topical Facebook page.

Pay-per-click services can be a useful tool that costs you little to nothing unless it works. And if it works well, you can still keep the campaign from breaking your budget. Facebook allows you to set a maximum spending amount over a period of time, or as a lifetime budget of the campaign.

What makes Facebook PPC thrive? It is designed to place your ad in front of millions of Facebook users based on target keywords, geographic locations, interests, and several other criteria—the list goes on and on. Facebook has access to literally billions of potential clients’ likes, interests, professions, hobbies, and even daily happenings in their lives. This information is utilized for a very specifically targeted ad campaign.

Facebook PPC Analytics

In addition to your growing network, there is an easy way to tell if your PPC campaign is working. Once your ad is set up and running, Facebook offers detailed analytics that allow you to track your PPC data and manage the success of your campaign. They allow you a look at how many people are clicking each day, how many clicks convert to “likes,” your average daily cost per click, social clicks, and social impressions.

Analytics give you a deeper look at your PPC ad campaign and allow you to see what works well. Fortunately, if your ad isn’t performing as well as you had hoped in the beginning, Facebook allows you to pause, cancel or edit your ad at any time.


To spice up your ad and draw attention to your Facebook page, consider going the extra mile: give users an incentive to click your ad and “like” your page. A couple of noteworthy promotions are:

  • Charity – “For each ‘like’ our Facebook page receives, we will donate to a charity.” This type of ad seems to consistently catch the eye of Facebook users.
  • Giveaways – “When our page reaches X ‘likes,’ we will give away…” This approach tends to attract followers and give them incentive to share your page. Some may leave after the giveaway, but, typically, if your page is posting intriguing content, the vast majority will stay.

In our experience, you are more likely to have a better network if you use the charity promotion rather than giveaways. Both can drive fans to your page, but due to the altruistic nature of a charity campaign, it tends to attract people who will stick around.

There are other detailed promotional methods to utilize based on the specifics of your firm or topical page.

Example Campaigns

We have created several topical Facebook campaigns for clients spanning topics such as distracted driving, toning shoes litigation, the dangers of Yaz, and mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Help is a cancer resource campaign sponsored by Belluck & Fox, LLP, from New York. Their efforts stretch across the web, including their website www.mesotheliomahelp.net, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Hubpages, in the hope of helping as many people who suffer from cancer as possible.

Mesothelioma Help’s Facebook campaign began about two years ago and gained a few followers rather quickly, but then the network ceased to grow. With the help of Facebook PPC and a well thought-out charity promotion, the Facebook page has received over 1,500 new “likes” in less than a month.

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While Facebook has great potential if used in the proper place and situation, it is not always the best place to invest your advertising dollars. Please feel free to talk with our marketing consultants about your situation and goals and they will provide our team’s recommendations on whether Facebook or another medium will be the best choice to grow your network. We are available at marketing@consultwebs.com or 800-872-6590.