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The ultimate marketing stack for law firms

A marketing stack could really mean the difference between a new client and a missed opportunity - find out everything you need to know about a potent legal marketing platform here. Did you know that one of the top challenges for law firms in the coming years is increased competition? Studies show [...]

Use data to grow its business feature

The Best Ways Your Law firm Can Use Data to Grow Data is perhaps one of the most powerful assets that you probably already have! The question now is, how do you make sense of it? Find all answers here.  A study found that by 2025 the standard will be smart workflows and seamless interactions be[...]

Your firms new secret weapon laweval

Clean, organized, and real-time data is one of the most important assets behind your entire firm’s success. Find out how to transform your firm with data you already have!  A study on legal analytics behavior found that more than half of lawyers (66%) believe data makes them better and more in[...]

How to interpret your marketing metrics

Ever wonder what the common denominator is for all successful law firms? They're making the best use of marketing metrics.  In marketing, there are two sides to the coin. The first side is the planning and implementation of a marketing strategy. The other side is tracking and measuring the succe[...]

Legal marketing cost or investment

Is Marketing for Law Firms a Cost or an Investment?  Let’s be blunt, marketing has become a necessity. It’s no longer a nice-to-have, as it has turned into more of an expectation than it is a cool addition to your business plan. Let’s explore this a little further.  There's inflation fro[...]

How legal analytics can give your firm a competitive edge

Accelerating your firm's strategy with data  Building on your firm's reputation has never been more critical - and one way to nourish it is through the use of legal data analytics. According to Lexis Nexis, this refers to the science of drawing insights from large volumes of data.  Data is inc[...]

5 must have marketing metrics for your law firm

Let’s jump into the hard facts, here. 60% of law firms don’t measure their marketing ROI. This number is astounding, considering the livelihood and efficiency of their marketing strategies rely on how much return they generate! If your marketing isn’t getting you any new business, there’s[...]

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Law firm marketing can create many hurdles for a lawyer to jump, in order to generate more leads and gain market share against competing firms. The problem is, most lawyers don’t know the competitive benchmarks, like market share, that could help them make smarter decisions building their book [...]