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Heres why an agency will ask to rebuild your website 01

Suppose you’re just starting your marketing journey with an external law firm marketing agency. You sit down for a preliminary phone call with your point of contact at the agency, expecting to center the conversation around some technical marketing aspects you’d researched on your own time. For [...]


Get inspired by some of the best law firm websites and discover 5 unique elements you can apply today. While you sleep at night, a sales assistant is working for you 24/7 - your law firm’s website. However, does the work stop once you have a professionally built website? The truth is that today[...]

How to design an ada compliant website

As technology evolves, so does the responsibility of web designers. Today, they have to consider each element on a web page to adapt to the needs of users with disabilities.  The ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, was created in 1990 and it prohibits discrimination against those with disabili[...]


Do you “like” your law firm’s website design? Are you “happy” with it? Or are you measuring the number of leads your website develops, and basing your feelings off that? After launching thousands of law firm websites, we’ve learned a few things about successful legal web design, what [...]


More than just a fancy business card, legal website design can be a branding vehicle, an experience for clients, a sales machine, and an essential component of a law firm’s marketing strategy. But the truth of the matter is, when it comes to website design, most law firms favor something within[...]

Professional photography can increase trust & conversions for your law firm

Think about the care you take in decorating your law firm’s office. You want visitors to feel welcome and comfortable, and you want to convey that you and your staff are capable, professional and experienced. Now think about your website as your “Internet office.” You want to give site visitor[...]