Consultwebs 2020 Legal Marketing Trends & Predictions

Discover legal marketing trends & predictions in SEO, PPC, Web Design, Content, and Social Media that will impact lawyers in 2020, and get actionable tips from Consultwebs to apply in your law firm.


Consultwebs has built thousands of websites, driven millions of leads, and launched thousands of digital advertising campaigns for our law firm clients online, with the number one focus of establishing success beyond the campaign.

We predict the buzz-word in legal marketing that successful law firms will be using in 2020 is “balance.” In 2020, the profitable law firm’s marketing strategy will balance the long and short, growth and sales, tactics and vision, direct response and brand campaigns.

When it comes to successful legal marketing, having the perspective to differentiate tactics from strategy, a sprint from a marathon, short term from long term, is what will separate lasting law firms from shuttered shingles.

We're proud of all the hard work, staff expertise, experience, and insight that went into our 2020 Legal Marketing Trends & Predictions from all five of our main legal marketing practice areas here at Consultwebs; SEO, PPC/Video Advertising, Web Design, Social Media, and Content, for law firms.