2020 Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial Video – Hammer In Space!

The 2020 Darryl Isaacs Super Bowl Commercial is here! Go beyond lightspeed as The Hammer takes on evil aliens and villains beyond this world! Can he once again defeat Big Insurance? Watch the Isaacs & Isaacs Super Bowl Commercial and find out!

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In last year's Superhero ad — which now exceeds 10 million views -- The Hammer transformed and fought against an evil alien horde to victory! Intergalactic trouble stirs again and threatens to offer another small claim check to injured victims. There’s too much at stake.

Aliens. Spaceships. The Hammer. One hero is destined to emerge!

The Hammer In Space Attorney Super Bowl Commercial with Darryl Isaacs is here!

Brought to you by Isaacs & Isaacs - The Big Truck and Car Accident Injury Attorneys

It's game time!


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