2015 Super Bowl Commercial – Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys

Based on a true story and in typical Casino high-energy and stylistic fashion, the spot addresses the personal bullies Casino has encountered and how his faith in God has assisted him in standing up to bullies and overcoming them. The 2 minute spot showcases the various bullies Casino encountered as a child, his battle with a bully named cancer, his little brother's murder, and local strong-arm government.

Casino can be heard cross-examining a character, "Injustice", who symbolizes the Savannah city leaders who've used their power to advance their agendas, cause disruption in the community, and culminate a bully-based system that has hurt the same people they were tasked to serve. The aftermath has led to a broken police department, a surge in crime, wasted tax dollars, and a recent federal conviction of Savannah's Police Chief on November 14, 2014.

The intended message is: Bullying is bad. Silence is Worse. If you can’t help yourself, find someone who is willing to help you. Otherwise, silence and indifference feeds the ugly bully epidemic.

The spot was produced with nearly all local, Savannah crew and aired once during the 2015 Super Bowl in Savannah, GA. Big thanks to everyone of them!

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Submit your personal bullying story. All submissions or inquires should be submitted to Jamie Casino at https://www.jamiecasinoinjuryattorneys.com

This spot includes the use of actors and/or non-attorney spokespersons. Submit your personal story of bullying.

Created and Produced by Smash House Productions, llc.
Cinematographer and co-director: Tim Gill
Aerial footage donated by David Lavery