Keith Oliver

Professional headshot of businessman in suit, exuding confidence and approachability, ideal for corporate profiles.

In 2021 I had to come to the tough realization that my internet presence had taken a significant hit. Competition on the internet was at an all-time high. Realizing I could not handle my practice plus the marketing side anymore I searched and searched for the best SEO company. Eventually, I chose to sign up with Consultwebs. My biggest concern with a major company like Consultwebs was that I was just going to be another “customer”. Once I signed up with Consultwebs I was assigned to Nick Morin and Thinh Hoang. My biggest fears were quickly erased. Nick and Thinh have been amazing over the last two years. My marketing campaign has seen significant growth month after month. They are EXTREMELY hands-on. They answer any questions I might have within a few hours. Their ability to “dumb down” the SEO world so that I can understand what is being done to the website is second to none. I could not be happier with the team I was assigned to and the success in which we have had over the last two years.