Charles R. Ullman, JD

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“I’ve known Dale since 2000. He’s helped me since the beginning of my website. I can’t say enough good things. I’d probably be going into more personal things, but I can tell you just as a person, Dale is a tremendous human being. He’s caring, he’s honest. I’m good friends with him and have been for years. He has built a company around his personal beliefs and business beliefs. Which is really, at the core, is his commitment to his clients. He gets to know your law firm. He knows me, I know he has other lawyers he works for. I don’t mean he just knows you by name; he knows married, kids, he knows what your business is about, he’s listened to those things. Every time I’ve talked with whomever I’ve had helping me at the company, they’ve taken it to heart like it was their own business.”

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