Social Media for Lawyers

Growing Your Presence

Social media affords tremendous opportunity for your law firm to expand your audience, strengthen your brand, and increase your business. How?

Our experts can help.

Social Media For Lawyers

A strong social media marketing campaign can improve your law firm’s online visibility, broaden your name recognition, and develop a following of people in your community who may need your services at any time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your law firm was top-of-mind? Social media is a great way to achieve that.

However, managing a social media presence for your law firm can literally be a full-time job.

It is important to create a social presence that is both an accurate and effective representation of your law firm’s brand. Only halfway committing to your social media marketing can cost you big time.

We can help! Consultwebs’ social media professionals specialize in creating vibrant, thriving profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social sites. Contact us today to see how we can leverage social media to drive more cases to your law firm.

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Social Media for Law Firms Is Different…

Consultwebs works exclusively with law firms. Our goal is to connect lawyers with clients. That means driving more business through your door from the Internet. Doing so requires a detailed skillset.

Many seminars, webinars, and conferences focus on marketing through social media. Unfortunately, unless the events deal specifically with the legal industry, the information you obtain will be largely irrelevant, sometimes even harmful to your goals.

For example, direct messaging on certain social media platforms such as Twitter is a common recommendation for building a social brand. However, in most jurisdictions, solicitation is against state bar rules.

Also, many popular marketing websites say trends are shifting to newer social platforms, such as Snapchat. However, our data shows that Facebook currently drives the most social leads for law firms.

Choosing a digital marketing partner that has extensive experience delivering success for law firms is essential. Mistakes are too easily made if you aren’t familiar with the legal industry and its advertising trends and rules. And mistakes can cost you big money.

Building a Following

Building a following is perhaps the most challenging part of social media marketing. Getting an initial campaign off the ground requires careful planning, intricate strategy, and an immense understanding of both the platform you are using and the audience you are trying to reach.

Our team of social media experts works with law firms to build a quality following of relevant, potential customers. We get your content in front of these people on a regular basis and supplement that content with quality news pertaining to the law, your law firm, and general trending topics.

Your public profile is a digital representation of your firm, its values, and interests. It is important to showcase that personality frequently. We help you do just that.

Paid Social Media Advertising

“You gotta pay to play,” as the old saying goes. This is largely true for social media for business, particularly law firms.

Our social media strategists are experts in constructing and managing paid social media campaigns. Some of the goals we can help you achieve include:

  • General branding of your firm
  • Attracting new followers
  • Promoting e-book downloads, scholarship campaigns, link-building campaigns, and new assets
  • Lead generation

We approach each campaign with an understanding of its objective, what audience we need to reach, and the research required on how to best reach that audience. Ultimately, our team blends successful organic strategies with thoughtful paid campaigns to craft a comprehensive approach to social media marketing.

Consultwebs Delivers Social Media Results You Can Measure

Consultwebs works with a variety of law firms that focus on a broad range of practice areas. Our talented team has developed expertise in creating and managing successful social media campaigns for personal injury law, family law, mass torts, bankruptcy, and much more.

While each campaign is different and results may vary, we strive to provide each client with the best results possible. Your success is tied directly to our success.

Take a look at some of our previous results:

  • For a client in Florida seeking car accident leads, we obtained 343 leads over nine months for a spend of $3,945.90. That’s a cost per lead of $11.50.
  • For a client seeking mass tort leads nationwide, we obtained 4,576 leads for $199,673.39. That’s a cost per lead of $43.63.
  • For a client in North Carolina seeking divorce leads, we obtained 36 leads for $2,057.79. That’s a cost per lead of $57.16.

These are only a few examples of our stellar results. If you have questions regarding specific types of campaigns, would like to discuss more detailed results, or for a free consultation with our Internet legal marketing experts, call us today toll-free at 1-877-278-5677 or use our convenient online contact form.