Video Marketing for Law Firms

If you’re looking to incorporate video into your business strategy, you’re making a smart move and are one step ahead – Congratulations!  

However, if you are still on the fence about whether or not the video is worth your time and money, then this post is for you. 

Video is your ticket to better leads, sales, and relationships. Overall, Statista finds that videos have an audience reach of 92% of internet users worldwide. We’ll help you wrap your head around this fact: almost the entire Internet user base is consuming videos.

Video Marketing Works For Firms

You may or may not be surprised to find that videos are powerful assets because of our human essence and psychology.

The other benefits of investing in a video strategy? 

  • Strengthen your brand – Video can be the key player needed to share culture, insights, FAQs, promos, deals, etc.
  • Personify your reviews – Besides having Google and social media reviews, you can add video testimonials. In fact, they can be one of your biggest currencies without you even knowing it!
  • Keep up with the competition – Some say comparison is the thief of joy, but in business, the comparison is key. As you compare your business to your direct competitors, keep an eye out – are they leveraging new strategies like videos that perhaps you need, too?
  • Improve your SEO – If you’re investing in SEO, you’ll want videos. Videos attract clicks and traffic, and Google likes to rank traffic and click-throughs higher up.
  • Easier to share – Videos get more shares, likes, and comments. 


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Our Own Video Examples:

Commercial Videos:

Social Media Video Sample

FAQ Videos:

Why SEO? And what is it really? And why should my firm care?

Testimonial Videos:

Testimonial Video Sample

Special Request(s) e.g. Animated Videos:

Animated Video Sample

Promo Videos:

Video Advertisement Sample – 30 Seconds

Corporate Videos:

Video Advertisement Sample – 15 Seconds

Educational Videos:

Why SEO? And what is it really? And why should my firm care?

Video Thumbnail Design:

Video Thumbnail Design: Who pays the settement
Video Thumbnail Design: Asking for a friend
Video Thumbnail Design: Asking for a friend
Video Thumbnail Design: Spanish Client Testimonial

Intro/Outro Animation:

Intro/outro animation

SFX Video Editing:

SFX Video Editing

Animated Slideshows:

Animated Slideshow
Animated Slideshow

Animated Infographics:

Animated infographic
Animated infographic

Why Consultwebs Video Services? 

You need to get your message out to the right people on the right channels, and we get it. 

As a marketing agency for law firms, we’ve tailored the success of countless firms. But, more than what we’ve done, it’s all about what we can do for you. 

Together with a team of data-driven marketing experts, we understand that no two firms are alike. Thus, no two strategies are the same. However, as we work together we’ll know what to post when to post, where to post, and ultimately, creatively guide and position your firm’s videos where they’ll convert the most leads.

Video has the potential to make you some serious money. If you’d like to take a deeper dive, in our LAWsome podcast we’ve covered ‘How Law Firms Can Use Video Marketing to Win More Clients’  

Types of Videos You Can Leverage With Consultwebs

Now, let’s talk about what you can expect from us.

Promo Videos

  • Any type of video that includes service promotions, and overall promotion of your firm’s brand.

Corporate Videos

  • Any type of video that includes content for the internal processes of your law firm. For example, a video under your ‘About Us’ page.

Educational Videos

  • Any type of video related to general legal questions e.g. legalese, processes, types of payments, etc.

Commercial Videos

  • Any type of video that can boost your other marketing efforts e.g. top-notch quality TV commercials. 

FAQ Videos 

  • Any type of video that’ll boost FAQ, which ultimately means your clients will come through your doors better educated about your firm’s process.

Testimonial Videos  

Special Request(s)

  • Your wish is our command. Anything that doesn’t quite fit any of these categories and requires a custom quote. 

Please note: Producing video content takes money and time, which is a reason many are hesitant to jump on board. In order for our partnership to fully work, we’ll need a certain level of commitment between the 2 parties: your firm and us, your video marketing agency. This means we’ll need a certain quantity of footage from you. We’ll be happy to walk you through all details. 

Schedule your 1-1 with our Senior Marketing Advisor. 

More Law Firm Video Editing Services at Consultwebs: 

It doesn’t end there. Besides working with a wide range of videos, you can also integrate add-ons to tie all your videos together. This includes: 

  • Video Thumbnail Design
  • Intro/Outro Animation
  • SFX Video Editing
  • Animated Slideshows
  • Animated Infographics 
  • *Basic Logo Animation 

*This is a sample for a basic logo animation

À La Carte Law Firm Video Services at Consultwebs:

Besides the services mentioned above, we also offer additional video editing services under a custom quote. This includes: 

  • Character Animation 
  • Character Illustration 
  • Storyboards 

Law Firm Video Marketing FAQs 

By now, you may have some questions. To help you get started, we’ve provided answers to the following:

iPhone video formats can be very tricky and challenging depending on the editing software we’re working with. It usually adds an extra step, which is converting the videos to more friendly formats.

Though we can still work with them, that process may affect the quality of the videos, limiting the editing possibilities. If you don’t have a camera or a webcam capable of shooting in high quality, you can still use an android cell phone.

MP4 is the most common type of video format available today. Every camera or cell phone should be able to shoot a video in this format. It is the most ideal format as it provides high-quality videos without making the size too large.

MOV is also a good format for shooting a video. DSLR cameras use it and it’s also perfect for editing.

We recommend trying to avoid formats such as AVI, MKV, or AVCHD. Other formats such as FLV or WMV can work too, but the risk that we have to convert them or that the file is damaged increases the chances of reshooting.

The size of a video depends on the format and the length of the recording. It is always better not to pass the 2 GB limit in one file so you can share it easily via WeTransfer or any other drive cloud.

5 GB+ can make the editing process slower and negatively affect the workflow.

That depends on the project we’re doing, as well as the social media platform in question. 1920×1080 is the best aspect ratio for videos that are going to be posted on social media or used on a website.

1080×1920 is the best aspect ratio for vertical videos, which are usually used for social media posts such as Instagram stories, Tik Tok or YouTube shorts.

Other aspect ratios besides those (like 1200×1200 for IG posts for example) are made during the editing process. However, to achieve that successfully without affecting the frame of the video or the video quality, it’s important to shoot the video according to the needs you have. Check out the video guide above, especially step number 5.

This depends entirely on the video project itself. If it’s not a webinar or something similar to a video live streaming, the clips can be between 2 or 5 minutes in between takes.

Clips can also be between 10 and 20 minutes, but keep in mind that, depending on the format, the longer the video, the more difficult it is to share and edit it.

When it comes to paid ads, the footage is ideally either 5, 15, 30, or 60 seconds long.

Regarding social media posts, it varies, but the length can be determined during the editing process.

Because there are countless options out there, let’s go over this question in 1-1. That way we can provide suggestions based on expertise, budget, and quality. 

Video can be your ticket to better leads, calls and cases, but editing, posting, and measuring success is time-consuming. If you are looking to build on your business with a solid partnership – we’re here to help.