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Social media is a great addition to law firms because it enhances interaction and it gives you the opportunity to present your firm the way you wish to be seen. With the content you post on social media, as well as the way in which you interact with your followers, you are giving your prospects a first-hand taste of who you are as a firm.

Prospects who are actively looking for legal representation are already going through a whirlwind of emotions and are in need of reassurance. This is an opportunity for you to leverage your experience and skills as a firm to offer the encouragement your potential clients need and prove to them that you are trustworthy and capable of taking on their cases. Social media, being your direct channel of interaction with them online is the right space to solidify your position as their best option.

Some food for thought: Not all of your clients-to-be are going to call directly. Some prospects might be searching for questions and topics related to your specific practice area before they need assistance. They might also deviate from your website’s calls to action and go through your social media platforms. All this to see you in a more personal light. Prospects may look at social profiles for; reassurance, answers, quick solutions, and an overall get a feel of your firm’s personality.

Our Services Include

Within the social media services, we take your client’s and your expectations and desires into consideration. Although no two firms are alike, some of the best practices your firm can expect from partnering with us include:

  • Securing and verifying your social media profiles.
  • Utilizing paid options.
  • Verifying your information.
  • Customizing all your content.
  • Connect your firm with quality clients and prospects.

Want to make sure you pick the right service vendor check out our vendor comparison checklist by downloading the resource below:

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As digital marketing experts for law firms, we take into consideration all the factors to create outstanding social media content. Some factors include the time to post, image sizing, adding trending topics, etc.

While we provide you general best practices, we tailor our social media assistance to meet your firm’s needs. Curious to know how your firm can increase business through social media? Contact Us!

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