SEO Service for Lawyers in Seattle

Go beyond the traditional law firm SEO strategies. Expand your law firm’s reach using a tailored approach that delivers the results you are looking for. At Consultwebs, we prioritize client care with a commitment to exclusivity. 

Opt for our exclusivity deals and we guarantee not to partner with any other law firms in your zone. Your firm remains our sole focus within your area in Seattle as we have done for other firms in places like Chicago, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Indiana, Georgia, and many others. 


Unlock Your Firm’s Success Here

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Consultwebs SEO Services, Get Your Law Firm in Front of Potential Clients inside Seattle by:

Optimizing and enhancing your website to appear on top of Google’s SERPs

Improving your firm’s acquisition of quality traffic back to your website

Implementing continuous optimizations

Integrating Off-page SEO as well as on-page SEO 

Focusing on location-based, Seattle,  keyword optimization strategy

Increasing your website’s local traffic

Boosting your overall online reviews

Amplifying social media management

Promoting a clear site structure and map to improve user experience on your website

And much more.


Lead The Legal Landscape in The Emerald City With Ease

Seattle, Washington, also known as “The Emerald City” due to its outstanding skyline, also has its own fraction of accidents. Two of the biggest ones are the Ride the Ducks crashes and the South Lake Union crane collapse accidents. 

During these challenging times, your firm can ensure that the victims can find your personal injury law firm the fastest way possible. 

Let Consultwebs Help Your Personal Injury Firm Navigate Through the Intricate Search Engine Rankings

You might be wondering why you should choose us. What can we do better than your previous and current Seattle SEO agency?

Simple, our team has over 20+ years of experience helping law firms in various practice areas, e.g., personal injury, family law, criminal defense, etc. Our strategies help law firms like yours not only generate high-quality leads but also get new cases with long-term digital success. Our SEO process requires foundational work and time to be successful; it involves multiple factors that are in constant change, such as: 

This process can span for several months, depending on your firm’s current status. However, it is an essential thing to remember that although organic search results are vital, acquiring them takes time and patience. 

With the right SEO law firm marketing agency, a steady investment, and time, the results pay off – big time!

Look at this case study with proven ROI for small, medium, and larger firms that are partnered with Consultwebs. These firms see incredible results after getting help with their legal SEO and search engine optimization.

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Beat the Rankings in the Seattle Area. Take the Next Big Step!

At Consultwebs, we understand that after an accident, victims often feel shocked and need immediate help. During these tough times, we make sure these victims can find your firm with ease. We ensure to tailor our approach to effectively connect with potential clients in a way that they will feel heard and safe. 

Improving SEO is a journey no firm should tackle alone. 

Let Consultwebs guide you through the process. 

Need proof? Take it from one of our Clients, David Resnick: