Here's a Recap of What Your Initial Analysis Contains:

1. A review of your current design and programming

  • Our design team provides an analysis of your site’s conversion effectiveness, speed, and other important factors.  You also get practical suggestions on how to maximize conversions and cases through a redesign.

2. An exhaustive review of your site’s backlink profile

  • We run several reports to analyze the quality and relevance of the current links pointing to your website. This helps determine the perceived relevance and authority of your site compared to your top competitors.

3. A review of your content and site structure

  • Our team evaluates your content substance around your key practice areas and makes recommendations based on how your competitors currently earn trust in the search engines.

4. An analysis of your local optimization and visibility

  • We review the citations for your office location as compared to top competitors in your market.

5. A review of your Social Media channels

  • We review your top social platforms’ activity, visibility, and interaction.

6. Recommendations and investment levels

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2Payment Details