Tech Adoption Strategies for the Risk-Averse Attorneys

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Tanner Jones, your host and Vice President of Business Development at Consultwebs, welcomes you to another episode of the LAWsome Podcast by Consultwebs.

In today’s episode, Tanner is accompanied by Rich Lee,  the CEO and Co-Founder of New Era ADR. His company helps businesses and individuals give a resolution to their litigation challenges through its digital platform. He also serves as an advisor, board member, and investor in technology startups in venture funds. With a passion for solving the access to justice gap in the United States, Rich serves on the National Leader’s Council of the Legal Services Corporation, a US Senate funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Today’s topic is the adoption of new technologies by risk-averse attorneys. Dive in to find out more.

Key Takeaways:

  • 0:18 – Introduction

  • 1:30 – Why attorneys are risk-averse when adopting new technologies

  • 3:45 – How can law firm owners train their staff to leverage technology

  • 6:30 – How tech providers can support law firms

  • 10:30 – Tech tools law firms are hesitant to adopt

  • 12:30 – Law firms and ADP, Advance/Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • 18:55 – Emerging legal technology disruptors and trends

  • 22:40 – Ending thoughts


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