Revolutionizing Law Firms With Social Media Trends

Paige york law social media trends

Tanner Jones, your host and Vice President of Business Development at Consultwebs, welcomes you to another episode of the LAWsome Podcast by Consultwebs.

In today’s episode, Tanner is accompanied by Paige York, a creative force and social media manager at Consultwebs, a leading law firm marketing agency.

Paige spent a decade mastering social media management to help businesses thrive and succeed online. She helps the Consultwebs team through strategic and innovative approaches. With her guidance, the team can create high-quality, engaging social media content that connects law firms with audiences and strengthens their brand image and online visibility.

Today’s topic, the future of law firm social media, captures this essence. Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

  • 00:17 – Introduction

  • 1:40 – Tips to leverage AI tools across different systems ethically

  • 3:59 – Different AI tools for law firms

  • 4:30 – How to craft the tone of your firm’s social image

  • 6:22 – AI 2024 social media predictions

  • 8:32 – Celebrating ‘inchstones’ instead of milestones

  • 9:40 – Long-format video creation for law firms

  • 11:13 – Self-care and wellness are essential in professional performance

  • 13:30 – Quality content trumps quantity content

  • 14:30 – Pay-to-play model for social media performance

  • 16:50 – Being bold on socials

  • 20:55 – LinkedIn and the most popular platforms for law firms

  • 24:05 – How to define success in social media


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