Law Firm Website Design

What does your firm’s website say about you? Is your law firm website design responsive, easy to navigate, and visually inviting? Does it emphasize your qualifications and recommendations from clients and peers? Is it clear to visitors that your results speak for themselves? And if a new client is checking your site from a mobile device, is it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for?

There are many aspects to consider when evaluating internet marketing and your website design. At Consultwebs, we cover them all. Whether you want to scrap your site completely and start the design process from scratch, or refresh your website with custom-designed pages, and focus on your online marketing strategy, our team can help.

Just tell us your big picture, and let us develop a site that helps you meet your goals. Contact us today to discuss your firm’s needs.

Components of Great Website Design for Law Firms

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Great website design for attorneys, is about more than choosing a color scheme and some friendly firm photos (although that is important, too). It’s about showing prospective clients why they should choose your firm over your competitors. A successful website should:

  • Focus on the User Experience

    First and foremost, we design for your potential clients. Your audience should be able to quickly scan your site and find what they are looking for. They shouldn’t get bogged down in legalese and dark gray oceans of text. And they are not looking for flash and splash. They are looking for legal help.

  • Sloan FirmSloan FirmShow How Your Firm is Different

    Your design should reflect your firm’s unique culture and personality upfront, all while highlighting your qualifications and success in advocacy. Potential clients shouldn’t have to dig deep into the bowels of your site to learn what makes your firm stand out. Our designers showcase your skill, experience, and passion by integrating case results, testimonials, online reviews, and honor badges into your design site-wide.

  • Guide the Users Where You Want Them To Go

    Conversion is the proof that your website is performing as it should. That means good lawyer website design should incorporate and highlight a clear path for users to connect with the appropriate people in a manner that is most convenient for them. Our team strategically crafts content and structures your site in a way that attracts prospective clients, guides them to the information they need, and leads them to connect with your firm. Increasing conversions is one of the key factors in getting more visitors, more leads, and more cases from the web.

  • Be Optimized for Search Engines

    Law Firm SEO is always evolving, and our team knows that. We carefully build our design and content with search engines in mind, focusing on proper keywords, tagging, and site load speeds.

  • Responsive Law Firm Website DesignResponsive Law Firm Website DesignBlend Seamlessly with Your Other Marketing Efforts

    Our designers will review your marketing collateral, including business cards, signage, television ads, and printed marketing materials, to ensure your website reinforces your brand. Our law firm web designers will work with your firm’s logo, photos, chosen colors, and typography to create a look and feel that is consistent across all your marketing efforts. If you are ready for a new look all around, we can also help refresh your brand with a new modern website kicking off a new look.

  • Stay Ahead of the Attorney Website Design Curve

    Just as your clients trust you to anticipate legal hurdles that they could never see coming, our attorney clients count on our design team to stay on the cutting edge. The online legal marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Our job is to make sure your website development and design keep pace with those changes, including creating mobile-first strategies and preparing your site for Google algorithm updates.

Our talented designers are committed to crafting a website that attracts your target audience, helps establish trust, and generates quality leads for your law firm. To learn more about web design for law firms, please download our free website design for lawyers’ guide.

What You Can Expect From Our Law Firm Website Design Team

Consultwebs features a staff of web design professionals who can build your law firm a mobile-first, custom, and cutting-edge website that is compelling and easy to use. Our focus for all attorney websites is to drive leads and help our clients get more cases from the Web.

When you choose to work with the Consultwebs design team, there are several things you can expect:

  1. We Get to Know You

    A member of our Consultwebs design team will meet with you to learn more about your firm’s history, culture, and approach to serving clients. We will take the time to understand your law firm’s core practice areas and the leads you are seeking. We want to know what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past, as well as the goals your firm is working to achieve.

  2. Consultwebs Develops a Design With You

    After discussing your ideas for your legal website and what you want to achieve, we will design a homepage to get started. Together, we will review the homepage design, discuss your feedback in detail, and implement changes to ensure you are getting the website you want. From there, we will begin working on your “About Us” page to clearly define your firm’s culture, as well as a top-level landing page for your primary practice area. This design phase involves ongoing feedback from you, so we know the design is shaping up to meet your expectations and goals.

  3. Designers Work With Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Experts

    To optimize your site for success we get all areas covered. As our team puts the finishing touches on your website, our designers will work closely with our content marketing, programming, and search marketing experts to ensure that each and every page on your site is properly optimized and built for success. After all, even the best-looking website in the world will have no value if your law firm’s prospective clients can’t find it.

  4. Our Team Is Committed to Your Site’s Success Beyond the Website Launch

    Website design for attorneys trends and online marketing techniques are ever-changing, and we don’t want you to fall behind. Our team will track your site’s performance after the law firm website development process, carefully monitoring your site’s analytics and working to make any and all design enhancements. We want to make sure your site design keeps up with the latest trends and maximizes your firm’s ROI.

We invite you to browse our law firm website design portfolio and read our client testimonials to learn more about what Consultwebs can do for your firm.

Our Creativity Knows No Bounds

In addition to website design, our creative team is constantly brainstorming unique ways to promote your legal practice and increase online engagement. Below are just a few examples of the creative projects our design team produces:

  • Custom apps
  • Interactive data maps
  • Informative ebooks
  • Social media promotions
  • In-depth reports and whitepapers
  • Innovative infographics

Learn how our creative design team can take your firm’s online marketing efforts to the next level.

Recognized for Results

Our talented law firm website design experts have been widely recognized for excellence in our field, earning many awards including the following:

  • AVA Digital Awards
  • MARCOM Awards
  • GD USA Awards
  • The Communicator Award
  • Webby Award
  • M. Web Award
  • Your Honor Award
  • Internet Advertising Competition Award

Flexible to Meet Your Firm’s Needs

The Consultwebs design team has developed highly successful sites for law firms across the country, from Hawaii to Rhode Island, Washington to Florida. Our clients’ sites have thrived in highly competitive markets such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City.

As you can see from our portfolio, we have developed sites in a wide range of practice areas as well:

  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Social Security Disability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Criminal defense
  • Family law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Immigration
  • Estate Planning
  • Intellectual property
  • Employment law

At Consultwebs, our forward-thinking team both monitors and predicts law firm web design trends. And we are always evaluating your site’s performance (as well as what your competitors are doing) to determine how we could take your law firm website to the next level.

You Have a Vision. We Have a Design.

Your law firm is unique. You deserve a unique website. Our award-winning legal design team will work with you to develop a clean, polished law firm website design that is user-friendly, mobile-ready, and a true reflection of your firm’s personality.

Contact Consultwebs today to get started. Let us design a website for your law firm that is both aesthetically pleasing and built to achieve your goals.

Not Sure You Want to Take the Plunge?

If you are not happy with your current website’s performance but aren’t sure you want to embark on a redesign, let Consultwebs conduct an audit of your current site. Our audits can identify problem areas on your site that could be affecting your search engine rankings or causing prospective clients to leave your site