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We asked our team how they felt about working for Consultwebs and decided the replies deserved their own page. If you need further encouragement before you apply with us, you can read why our current team members love coming to work here every day.

Katie Sommerfeld“I had heard how good the company was to their employees and how although they value client work, they also value their employees. They put a lot of effort into training and being active in conferences and the SEO industry. I was told that a current employee “Can’t stop saying great things about the company, even years later.”Katherine Sommerfeld


Amy Maxwell

“Consultwebs is the first company where I really feel like I am part of a family…Management is fair and caring, taking the time to get to know you, while helping you grow personally and professionally each day. Team members are helpful and happy, office life is that which you make it, offering you the freedom to work in a comfortable environment and the work/life balance is a refreshing blend of structure and flexibility. I hope to be a part of this Consultwebs “family” for years to come.”Amy Maxwell


John Damron



“I was attracted to working for Consultwebs because of the tight-knit, family vibe, as well as the excellent benefits. Plus, my coworkers support my karaoke habit!”John Damron


Rachel Harmon

“Working remotely has taken so much stress out of my life, I no longer have to wake up extremely early and get ready just to sit in traffic. I can take my time, enjoy my coffee and the company of my pets during the work day.  I worried that communication and work relationships would be non existent but Consultwebs makes sure that we have time to socialize and collaborate on ideas with our teammates. The benefits shines through in everything our company does because happy employees truly do excellent work.”Rachel Harmon




After interviewing with a couple of the folks from Consultwebs, I was sold. I wasn’t interviewing to be a cog in a machine, I was being recruited to join a family of talented people who all get to make a living doing what they love.”Adam Carter


Kenneth Harris“Consultwebs offers new challenges on a daily basis. To face said challenges requires consistent professional growth, which I have easily been able to accomplish with the company. There is great satisfaction in meeting a challenge head on, succeeding and then looking back at the path that got you there.”Kenneth Harris




“The biggest reason I like working at Consultwebs is our team. We have very smart and motivated people who are enthusiastic about what they do. They really care about our clients and their work. It’s energizing to work with people like that.”Mike Zellmer


Wade Rawlins



“For people who are creative, self starters and who are passionate about the potential of online marketing, Consultwebs is a great place to work.”Wade Rawlins



Robert PadgettThe first thing that attracted me to Consultwebs when I read the ad was that I could work anywhere, no need to be in the US. The other main point that I liked was that it was a well established company with more than 10 years of experience. I feel I have learned a lot since I started back in 2013, not only through the training programs we have but also through conversations with colleagues. Also, I think that in consulting the biggest requirement to be successful is knowledge and I think our team meets with this requirement.” – Robert Padgett


Anna Whitaker


“I enjoy working at Consultwebs because of the atmosphere that the company provides, even while we work from home. Consultwebs allows me to explore my capabilities as a marketer and develop my knowledge further than I could have imagined.” – Anna Blanken


Kevin EvansWhat initially drew me to apply was that it was a smaller company that specialized in the niche of law firm marketing, and that they allowed you to work remotely, which would allow me the opportunity and the flexibility to grow with a smaller company.  Starting as their only designer, I am now the creative director, and the company has grown to a 50+ person organization worth millions. If you want to work for a fast growing company that cares about their employee’s growth and well-being, don’t hesitate to apply today.”Kevin Evans

Katie Johnson

“I love working at CW because of the flexibility, the knowledge I’ve gained (and am encouraged to gain through various means), the virtual atmosphere of being friends with co-workers but also respecting their chutzpah because I can learn something from every single employee here.”Katie Johnson



“There are not too many jobs in the world that you can start your day smiling and end it doing the same. Consultwebs is one of those rare places. From our amazing leadership and team members to our exceptional clients, I am happy to say I feel like I’ve found my home.”Lonna Hardin


Daryl Williams, CPA


“This is a close team that works together to get the job done with professionalism & dedication.  This team adapts with the changing times & in this industry that is a must.  Everyone is treated fairly & everyone knows what is expected from them on a daily basis.” – Daryl Williams


“I’ve worked with a few agencies over the years and can honestly say that Consultwebs has topped them all. If you want an easy job, I’d recommend looking else where. From the get go you’ll be challenged at every angle to excel and go above and beyond because they truly care about their clients and keeping their promise to grow their business online. They also care very much about you. If you have a problem, feel overwhelmed or frustrated you have an entire team ready to come to your rescue to give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. If you’re looking for more than just a job, I highly recommend joining the Consultwebs team.”Joel Morrison

Other aspects of Consultwebs that our team members have mentioned that they enjoy include:

  • “Birthday gifts, handwritten notes, emails of encouragement…the little things truly matter”
  • “We are encouraged to learn and grow professionally and personally; including attending relevant conferences and events.”
  • “REAL benefits.”
  • “Incentive opportunities (real ones, not opportunities that you just “hear” about but never see).”
  • “Quarterly reviews, giving you the opportunity to improve and give/get valuable feedback.”
  • “Yearly CW team conference in Raleigh (a few full days of learning, collaborating and getting to know your teammates).”
  • “Wellness program with free Fitbits and chances to compete for valuable prizes…”
  • “Freedom to work from home, coffee shop, the moon, etc.”
  • “Everyone treats you as a capable person and adult, no one is tapping you on the shoulder all day saying, ‘Don’t forget’, ‘When is this gonna be done’ like other marketing agencies. Deadlines are set and then you do your thing.”
  • “Life/work balance is alive and well at CW.”

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