Consultwebs Takes a Stand Against Being Sedentary with the Help of StandDesks

StandDeskBy Corrie Benfield

Anyone who has spent a career hunched over a computer or chained to a desk chair knows the familiar back pain and shoulder soreness that comes with a life of office work. We can get up, stretch, take a lap around the office, sneak in a yoga move in the stairwell, but that seat is always waiting to put us back in our place. Enter: the StandDesk.

The StandDesk is a breath of fresh air for those of us who have settled like dust into our office chairs over the years. It can be adjusted to various heights, allowing you to stand all day or fluctuate between standing and sitting whenever you feel like it.

Here at Consultwebs, we have found that making the move to the StandDesk has gotten our limbs moving, our hearts pumping, and our creative juices flowing. And that’s a scientific fact!

It has actually been proven that standing at your computer improves your posture, burns more calories, increases your life expectancy, and makes you smarter. OK, so that last part may not be proven, but we think that switching to the StandDesk was a pretty smart move.

Mike Zellmer, director of marketing for Consultwebs, was happy to take a break from his office chair. “I switched from sitting to standing, although before I got the desk I would often stand at my bookcase with my laptop because I didn’t want to sit for such long stretches,” he says. “I don’t really sit that much anymore.”

Another aspect of the StandDesk that we appreciate is the price. Believe us, there are some stand-up desk companies that may require you to be sitting down to hear what they charge. But the StandDesk is very affordable, and it allows some pretty cool customizations for those who want to match their desk to their office vibe.

As a person who has been standing at her desk for about five years now, I can attest to the benefits of standing over sitting. However, I can also attest to the dangers of piling boxes and books on your desk to get your computer, keyboard, and mouse to the right height. One false move and your workstation comes crashing down on you!

With the StandDesk, you don’t have to worry about adding one more book under your monitor to get it to just the right height. With the touch of a button, you can adjust the height of your desk, including bringing the whole thing back down to sitting position. There’s also an option to save your preferred ergonomic settings to make adjusting your workspace even easier.

“To have the option of sitting or standing, and not having to rearrange anything is great!” Zellmer says. “For most tasks, I feel better and work better standing up, but occasionally I want to sit down, so it’s great to have that flexibility.”

At Consultwebs, we pride ourselves in being a forward-thinking company that makes employee health and happiness a priority. So the flexibility and physical benefits that come with using a StandDesk were a perfect fit for us. Next stop: mini trampolines at our desks!