Should I have a blog?

A law firm blog brings many benefits to an online marketing campaign. A nicely designed and well-managed blog can inform your users about important developments that pertain to areas of the law in which they have a vested interest. It can also keep users up to date on your firm’s events and news, and bolster your firm’s presence and rankings on search engine results pages.

At our team of designers and editorial writers will work with you to integrate a blog into your existing website or to develop an “off-site” blog. Our goal is to create an effective marketing tool that establishes your expertise in specific practice areas and brings potential clients to your website.

Fact: effective blogging improves your search engine rankings. For search engine optimization and for increasing the traffic to your site, the content of your blog is very important. Sites that contain blogs that are updated regularly with fresh, relevant information get indexed more frequently by the search engines. Updated content also keeps interested readers coming back to your site, which increases your traffic and further establishes your site as an authority on the topic.

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