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Why is search engine optimization (SEO) important to law firms?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that business and organizations use to increase their visibility on the Internet and drive traffic to their websites. These days, when somebody is in need of a product or service, the first thing they do is consult the Internet. The yellow pages, are virtually a thing of the past, print ads are in decline, consumers are skipping over TV ads with DVRs, or avoiding them entirely with paid services such as Netflix, so it is imperative that businesses are able to reach clients and customers on the web.

Like with other products and services, people who are searching for an attorney will go to a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and type in a query (for instance, “Chicago personal injury lawyer”). Rarely, if ever, will they click on results that aren’t found on the first page or two. That’s why, to maximize your firm’s return from the web, the results that lead to your pages need to appear where your prospective clients will see them – high up in the results.

SEO does not focus on paid advertising, or Pay-Per-Click ads (PPCs), to achieve a high page ranking. Instead, it focuses on a search engine’s unique algorithms in order to secure a prominent spot in the “organic” search results, where most Internet users tend to choose their search results. Algorithms take into consideration various factors on which a search engine relies to rank pages and may include:

  • Carefully crafted URLs, title tags and “H” tags;
  • Quality of the content on a page or site;
  • External link popularity;
  • Internal link structure;
  • Structured data and schema markup;
  • Keyword relevance throughout the content;
  • Strategic use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

At, our online marketing campaigns incorporate a variety of approaches to maximize their effectiveness, and ultimately the return on investment for our clients.

To learn more about how can help your law firm with online marketing including search engine optimization, contact our experienced law firm Web marketing consultants today for a free consultation by calling us toll-free at (877) 278-6796 or by using our online contact form.

How can I get my law firm to the top of the Google rankings?

Achieving front-page rankings on Google or any search engine for your law firm’s website requires hard work and constant attention. Search engines use extremely sophisticated algorithms to rank websites. These algorithms bring in myriad factors like quality of content, user analytics, link profiles, social media signals, and many others.

Search engines involve themselves in a constant process of testing, changing, updating, and refining various aspects of how they rank sites and return results to searchers. Unless you have multiple experts in web marketing, and search engine optimization on your law firm’s staff, you probably need a company that will keep pace with these changes and adapts your Web marketing strategies accordingly.

At, our consultant team, along with our analysts, experts on local search, social media, and outreach teams, and others constantly study what it takes to achieve better search engine results, and ultimately better return on investment from the web. We place an emphasis on quality in everything that we do.

We never take shortcuts that could hurt your website’s visibility or put your firm’s website domain in jeopardy with Google and other search engines.

To learn more about how Consultwebs can help your law firm SEO gain visibility in search engine results, and ultimately get more cases online, contact our experienced law firm Web marketing consultants today for a free consultation by calling us toll-free at (877) 278-6796 or by using our online contact form.

Why should I care about title tags and headings?

A title tag is the HTML coding term for the line of text that is displayed at the top of your browser window. Title tags generally should be around 55 characters in length and should contain relevant information about the information and user experience that a page contains. A law firm’s home page may contain their geographic area, main practice area, and the word “lawyer” or “attorney” to provide proper information to a user who is performing a search on Google or another search engine. The title “Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer,” for example, may be a good title for the home page of a firm with those characteristics.

Headings, also known as H1s and H2s (etc.) can also give search engines and users a better idea about the information contained on a page. If a page were written about burn injuries, for example, headings such as “Causes of burn injuries,” “Degrees of burn injuries,” and “Treatment of burn injuries” may be used to highlight different sections and provide a logical structure.

Title tags and headings are among the myriad factors that make up search engine algorithms. They can play important roles in increasing your law firm website’s visibility.

Coding is an essential aspect of any search engine optimization campaign along with valuable and informative content and high-quality links that help to create authority for your site for search engine algorithms.

To learn more about how can help your law firm with its search engine optimization plans, contact our experienced law firm Web marketing consultants today for a free consultation by calling us toll-free at (877) 278-6796 or by using our online contact form.

Consultwebs FAQs


How much does it cost to work with

To learn more about how we price our custom online strategies for law firms, please see our How We Price page.

Does offer exclusive arrangements?

Depending on the situation, may enter into an exclusive agreement for marketing plans in a geographic region or practice area. Our exclusive marketing plan provides a comprehensive, personalized website and law firm promotion. Components may include a search engine optimization campaign, high-quality content, local search optimization work, inclusion in various directories, a dedicated marekting consultant, and much more.

To learn more about how your law firm can enter an exclusive agreement and other available options, contact our experienced law firm Web marketing consultants today for a free consultation by calling us toll-free at 1-877-278-6796 or by using our online contact form.

Why should I Choose for my law firm’s content needs and Web marketing?

Many unique qualities about Consultwebs that set us apart from the rest, and enable us to deliver great results and strong return on investment to our clients are outlined on this page about why a law firm should choose Consultwebs.

Content FAQs


What kinds of content does Consultwebs offer?

Consultwebs design team offers the most effective and comprehensive approach to law firm marketing on the Web. With three lawyer/journalists on staff leading a team of experienced legal writers, can meet all of your law firm’s content needs. Our menu of content marketing services includes:

  • Practice area pages
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Attorney Bios
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Breaking news
  • Specialty Content

The bottom line: Our clients are receiving cases from their websites. To view their comments about the benefits they have received and their opinions on our work please see our testimonials page.

Isn’t it time you turned to the Web professionals at For more information or a custom quote, please contact us online, call (877) 278-6796 or fill out our quote form.

Should I have a blog?

A law firm blog brings many benefits to an online marketing campaign. A nicely designed and well-managed blog can inform your users about important developments that pertain to areas of the law in which they have a vested interest. It can also keep users up to date on your firm’s events and news, and bolster your firm’s presence and rankings on search engine results pages.

At our team of designers and editorial writers will work with you to integrate a blog into your existing website or to develop an “off-site” blog. Our goal is to create an effective marketing tool that establishes your expertise in specific practice areas and brings potential clients to your website.

Fact: effective blogging improves your search engine rankings. For search engine optimization and for increasing the traffic to your site, the content of your blog is very important. Sites that contain blogs that are updated regularly with fresh, relevant information get indexed more frequently by the search engines. Updated content also keeps interested readers coming back to your site, which increases your traffic and further establishes your site as an authority on the topic.

Want to know more about how can help with your law firm blog? please contact us online, call (877) 278-6796 or fill out our quote form.

Do I need video and can Consultwebs help me create it?

According to 2015 statistics provided by YouTube, the video giant has more than 1 billion users, and that the number of hours that people are watching video each month is up 50% year over year. Video makes for compelling content, and it’s no surprise that a significant percentage of online video viewers make a purchase or complete a call to action. offers video options and is poised to help you and your law firm meet the growing demand for online video. While the written word remains the primary focus of lawyer websites, Consultwebs and its partners have written and produced online videos for many of our lawyer clients.

Including video on your site will capture a potential client’s interest while quickly and effectively delivering your message. can help you with several strategic approaches.

  • A “walkout video” serving as an introduction on your home page.
  • Videos focusing on specific practice areas and services.
  • Informational videos discussing product recalls or prescription drug warnings.

Social Media FAQs

Social Media

Do social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter really help my law firm obtain clients?

Social media is no longer purely social. It can be an excellent way to clients for professionals such as lawyers.

Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter allow lawyers to interact with potential clients and to create a Web presence that generates case leads and word-of-mouth referrals. One of the biggest factors in web conversions is the confidence a person has in you. You can develop that confidence by engaging in online dialogue about breaking news that impacts your practice area or emerging trends in the law.

There are many other practical benefits to taking advantage of social media tools. Active Facebook and Twitter accounts, for instance, can bring traffic to your law firm’s primary Web properties, and provide social signals to Google, Bing and other search engines that can improve your ranking in search engine results pages.

To learn more about how can craft a robust social media campaign for your law firm, contact our experienced law firm Web marketing consultants today for a free consultation by calling us toll-free at (877) 278-6796 or by using our online contact form.