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criminal defense marketing - what criminal defense firms need to know

Criminal law is a highly competitive practice area within the legal industry, and with this fierce competition, there are also bountiful opportunities as potential clients are seeking your services offline and online.

Prospects that are seeking your services online are looking for fast solutions. They are facing charges or issues that require immediate attention, and the more readily available and knowledgeable you come across to them, the higher your chances are of having that prospect knock on your door. For many of your clients and prospects, the internet is their main channel to turn to for help. Why? Not only do people facing criminal charges have a plethora of questions, more often than not, they also require discretion.

How does this fit within the digital marketing realm? One word: visibility. As a criminal defense attorney, you should seek to appear on the first SERP search page and also clearly outline the steps your prospects would need to take towards signing you as their legal representation. This entails working on the content you create and publish to ensure it offers information that is truly valuable for your prospects, answering questions on public forums, showing 24/7 availability, and showcasing both your credibility and reputation through social proof. There are many other elements that you may want to choose to present to your online audience and just as many strategies you might want to explore. It’s a matter of looking into them individually and evaluating which ones sound both feasible and effective for your firm’s unique needs.

Legal marketing doesn’t have to be confusing and frustrating, though. This is where we come in. At Consultwebs, we have a built-in marketing strategy solely focused on law firms. With more than 20 years of experience, our company has been able to help lawyers in your field with thorough results-driven marketing campaigns. We know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. The digital marketing strategy crafted for your law firm is tailored to meet your specific wants and needs.

Why is Criminal Defense Law Marketing Different?

The criminal defense marketing industry is one of the most competitive ones in the realm of marketing. Throughout the years of working with a multitude of clients, we have come to understand what works for law firms in the criminal defense line. To give you an overview of marketing factors you may want to consider are:

Optimizing your GMB (Google My Business). 

  • Your prospects are searching for you online and are likely doing so as we speak! The search queries they may use to find the legal support they need includes a DUI lawyer, traffic offenses lawyer, a felony charge, etc. To ensure your firm pops up in the SERP despite the high competition for these keywords, you can optimize your Google My Business listing by including reviews, photos, contact information, etc. It all adds up in Google’s eyes, and every grain of sand helps boost your local traffic, quality leads, and rankings.

Marketing your points of difference. 

  • Criminal defense is a saturated marketing realm, so it is key to determine your firm’s main differentiators and use them to your advantage.
  • Factors such as quality content, availability, and info on areas of specialization, qualifications, a FAQs section, etc. should all be within your prospects’ reach. These elements are considered a given in today’s digital landscape and not having them readily available for searchers will likely be your main deterrent of online business.

Using social media platforms is vital.

  • Social media implementation is growing across all industries, the legal one included. A few benefits social media platforms offer your law firm include:
    • A visual and content-based relationship with both clients and prospects
    • Lead generator
    • Showcase authenticity
    • Expertise
    • Trustworthiness

Acquiring online reviews builds on your firm’s credibility, ability, and overall reputation. 

  • Online reviews can give your law firm a competitive advantage. It is a modern take on word-of-mouth and it helps boost your digital presence’s level of perceived trustworthiness.
  • Even negative reviews and help position your firm in a flattering light. It’s all about how you respond to them: the more upfront, honest, and human your approach is, the more respectable you end up being in your searchers’ eyes.

Showcasing your criminal defense firm’s POD (point of difference).

  • Place an extra focus on the areas in which your law firm is different from the rest. By focusing on them, your firm will stand out from the crowd, and as an added bonus, it will help hyper-target the prospects you want to see coming through your door!
  • This could mean adding areas of specializations, where your firm practices, quality services, partnerships, the client service, etc.

Branding quality over quantity.

  • Get specific while keeping in mind your firm’s overall vision and mission. Highly targeted marketing implies a heightened focus on quality over quantity, and this applies to all marketing areas.

The Consultwebs’ Approach to Criminal Defense Law Marketing

Did you know that there’s an average of 69,500 Google searches per month for queries such as “criminal defense attorney” and “DUI lawyer?” Prospects are now searching for legal services online more than ever, and it’s the perfect moment to start taking advantage of this opportunity if you haven’t already. Your best bet to capture relevant traffic and start seeing ROI from your digital marketing efforts is to determine what makes you unique in your market and use that factor to position your law firm for success.

At Consultwebs, we take pride in the comprehensive marketing approach our teams have refined over the years and we tailor your strategy to cater to your firm’s wants and needs. Our team of digital marketing experts have dedicated their careers to focusing entirely on the ins and outs of legal marketing and have learned to generate long-term growth strategies for all of our clients. To give you a taste of what you might expect if you choose to embark on this marketing journey alongside us, read on about the marketing tactics we have to offer:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must-have strategy for all law firms, and depending on the practice areas the individual firms focus on, the SEO approach will vary. For criminal defense law firms, the sheer online competition makes it key to have a strategy in place to make sure their websites are generating the traffic and leads they need to thrive. The reality is that prospects rarely click through to the second search page or beyond, and almost all clicks happen within the first page of the search results. Being that putting measures in place to get your website to pop up on the first SERP is the end goal, SEO comprises many processes to achieve just this. From ensuring that the right keywords are targeted to fact-checking the content on the site, it can be quite the adventure to go on – especially when you don’t quite know where to start.

Our SEO specialists are equipped with all the technical skills needed in order to strategize a multi-channel plan that fits your criminal defense firm.

PPC, pay-per-click, advertising is extremely competitive in the criminal defense industry. Deciding to invest in a PPC campaign without clear actions, goals, metrics, and budgeting can lead to losses quite quickly.

When implemented correctly, however, you can expect a higher return on investment due to the broader reach to potential clients and, as a result, increased business. PPC campaigns are highly targeted towards quality leads that are actually interested in taking you on as their legal representative. This is a win-win situation both for your firm and the client.

Our team at Consultwebs takes full advantage of the paid channels your firm could market itself on, and we take pride in our proactive approach to PPC campaigns. Your ads are tailored based on your firm’s specific needs and target audiences, based on elements such as geography, age, gender, interests, etc. Ask us about our average cost per conversion, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t want to take it from us? Check out our testimonials here.

If you think your prospects are only snooping around your website, you might be interested to know that they are also looking at your social media platforms. Potential clients want to know how responsive, available and friendly your firm is on platforms outside your website, and since the customer journey can be long, it is important to recapture them throughout their journey. Users do not make instant decisions on one firm over another. The majority of consumers take time within the purchasing decision process. This means they look for outside content for confirmation, such as on your social media platforms.

Social media is one of the easiest ways your firm can establish an online presence. Your firm can take advantage by creating and/or sharing content, for example multi-media content, informative blog articles, behind-the-scenes stories, etc. For instance, the majority of people are not aware of what it implies to hire a criminal defense attorney — this would be a fantastic topic to cover on your social media accounts and overall digital marketing! Your strategy could include the creation of a blog post, repurposed social posts on the topic, Instagram and Facebook stories that shed some further light on the hiring process, possibly even a podcast episode!  There are (close to) no limits in the world of social media!

We are aware that every firm requires a unique plan of action. However you can peruse other techniques our team has tested and successfully implemented for our existing clients and that may be beneficial for your firm, too! Our team would be more than happy to discuss details pertaining to paid ads, audience optimization, best practices, and other relevant fields with you. Get in touch today!

The power of visuals goes beyond a “good-looking” video. It means building on the emotional connection between your firm and your prospects. Beyond selling a brand, emotions play a very important role in prospects’ decision-making. Prospects looking for criminal defense lawyers are likely already experiencing a turmoil of emotions, and it is these emotions that your firm should seek to soothe before they even pick up the phone to call.

This is where videos can play an important role. Your audience is increasingly preferring video over any other format to gain insights on topics they want to learn more about or issues they urgently need an answer for.

At Consultwebs, we are passionate about the intricacies of portraying law firms in the right light, and we take pride in the success we have seen in this effort. We could be your ally as well! We would be happy to go over the details of an in-depth video marketing campaign for your firm. Just reach out and we will get in touch asap!

Podcasts are oftentimes not highly considered or viewed as important when it comes to firms, but take this preconceived consideration with a grain of salt. Podcasts can help expand your firm’s reach to clients you perhaps might have otherwise missed.

The reality is that the majority of lawyers do not see the value of podcasting. But this shouldn’t stop your firm from making podcasts another differentiating factor between your firm and others! Never underestimate the power you can have if and when you establish your firm as the expert through podcasts, especially when the market is still as spacious as it is now. Remember, your competition’s missed opportunity could just be the client of a lifetime for your firm!

To add to the benefits, podcasts can give your firm a stronger voice and personality. The more you can directly interact with prospects, the stronger your firm stands amongst the competition.

A beautiful website design can help your firm, but a website consists of so much more. A website is an extension of your firm, and it should be able to assist prospects and convert them into clients. Consider your website one of the main tools in your shed that you use to build a flourishing firm, and keep it so for years to come.

Being found online is the first step; the journey prospects take on your website is another story. Site usability is one of the many factors that helps your firm rank on Google and helps your prospects navigate around your site. And by the way, here’s something huge to consider: most of your prospects are looking for a criminal defense firm from their mobile devices, so your site must be ready for when someone discovers it on their phone. Without a mobile-friendly web design, you are more likely to miss these customers.

At Consultwebs, we have learned to evolve along with technology and stay up-to-date with the current trends and digital requirements. This speaks to all of our strategies and all of the channels we implement, including web design.  We recognize the importance of customization on the path towards meeting your goals and would love to jump on a call to discuss your possible next steps. Go ahead and reach out to us to find out how we can help your firm optimize its website to ultimately get it to convert high-quality leads into paying clients.

A content marketing plan focuses on quality over quantity. Quality content can bring your firm many benefits such as higher engagement rates, authority in your practice area(s), and overall trust and retention.

Content marketing is a long process, however, and it doesn’t happen overnight. High-quality content takes time and expertise. At Consultwebs, we understand that investing in a content marketing plan means you are investing in high-quality, informative, and original content. We work to not only set you apart from the rest but also to set you up for success.

Why Consultwebs is the Best Choice for Marketing a Criminal Defense Law Firm

  • We don’t cut corners. We understand every law firm is unique. Just as unique as each client is, the service we provide to each is specially customized in such a way that all of their specific needs and wants are met.
  • Consultwebs understand what works (and what doesn’t) for personal injury law firms. We want you to take advantage of every opportunity to grow both online and offline. Having a team by your side that will not only do all the digital marketing work for you but also envisions and works on your success makes this process far less confusing and so much more rewarding.
  • Our team develops a comprehensive marketing strategy for your personal injury firm. We understand that it’s ineffective to design a good-looking website and call it a day. We understand personal injury is a competitive practice area, and so we coordinate and refine your firm’s online presence to match your goals.
  • We are drivers of results and measure success by your return on investment. We focus on conversions and data that drive quality leads your way.
  • Our customer service is unmatched. At the end of the day, we consider ourselves extensions of our clients’ businesses and we take pride in the dedication our team pours into their campaigns. Our company believes a personalized approach means being by your side all the way. We believe in having a personal connection from regular updates to meetings, progress reports, etc. so you don’t feel left out or alone at any point.
  • You own everything we do. When we said we personalize content for you, we mean everything is personalized for you and created for you. All the work we do from: your own domain name, web design, Google Analytics, content, creative assets, etc. is yours to keep. 

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“We saw a marked increase in the cases we were getting off the web.

If someone was thinking about hiring Consultwebs I would tell them, ‘do it now, do not put it off because you’re costing yourself money.’”

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