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Law Firm Blogs — Content That Gets People Talking

Engaging blog posts bring attention to your law firm. People notice them. People share them on social media. And other sources link to them.

Writing a blog allows you to share your knowledge of a legal matter and speak to potential clients in a personal and educational way. Blogging allows you to introduce yourself, help establish your legal credentials online, and build your firm’s authority. It is one element of an effective online marketing campaign for many law firms.

Unfortunately, most lawyers don’t have the time to blog as often as they should. That’s where Consultwebs can help. Our content team is made up of licensed lawyers and journalists who craft engaging, share-worthy blogs that are personalized for your law firm. To learn more about our blogging services, contact us online today or call us at 877-278-5677.

How Often Should You Update Lawyer Blogs?

Blogging is more effective if you do it regularly. A blog that is updated with fresh, high-quality content shows that you are keeping up with current legal trends and energizes your website, encouraging reader engagement and return visitors. Some popular legal blogs are updated two to four times a week. However, one deeply researched and well-written blog post is better than several cursory posts.

Researching potential topics and writing blog posts takes time. You should plan to carve out several hours a week from your schedule to identify topics and write engaging blog posts about them.

Many lawyers start off with the best intentions of writing a regular blog but soon find it is another unfinished task on the weekly to-do list. You may enjoy writing and want to make time during your busy week to produce a blog and share your enthusiasm for your practice area. However, it’s important to make a realistic evaluation of whether you can devote the hours each week to producing high-quality content that reflects the high quality of your law practice.

Are you prepared to give up some valuable time in order to blog? Only you can determine whether it is the best use of your time. At Consultwebs, we work with law firms to develop a blogging strategy that fits your needs. That may mean completely managing your blog, from content planning to writing, editing, and promoting. Or it may mean updating your blog with your own content and then supplementing with content from our team whenever you are too busy to write.

Can Having a Blog Help with Search Rankings?

Having regularly updated lawyer blogs can help firms improve in search rankings because:

  • Search engines will index your site more frequently.
  • Blog readers increase traffic to your website, and compelling content can lead to strong engagement metrics, which are important factors of law firm SEO.
  • Targeted content on relevant news topics can improve your site’s rankings in search engine results.
  • Blog posts on specific topics can attract readers to your website through long-tail search terms.

Our content team is made up of licensed lawyers and experienced journalists who pay close attention to trending legal issues and news topics ripe for commentary and analysis. We have produced thousands of blogs on topics in a wide range of practice areas, including personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, estate planning, Social Security Disability, veterans’ benefits, and workers’ compensation.

We know what your audience is searching for and interested in, so we build blog content to engage your potential clients and meet their needs.

Who Is the Audience for a Law Firm Blog?

The purpose of legal blogs is to help you reach potential clients. These may be people who need your help now or people who may one day need your assistance. Either way, your blog posts can establish your firm as the go-to place for legal advice.

Blog posts should be written in a clear, engaging style for general readers. Consider who your ideal client would be and the communities where they reside. Keep that person in mind as you write, and mention the name of the communities that you are targeting.

Here are some additional tips for writing for your audience:

  • Think of the questions the client might ask at an initial meeting and try to address them in a general way.
  • Try to avoid sounding as if you are giving a Torts Law 101 lecture. It is best to paraphrase statutes in easier-to-understand language. Save the Latin phrases for the law journal.
  • Write as if you are speaking to one person and use clear English. Keep your words simple and your sentences short.

Custom content that is reader-friendly and informative is more likely to be shared through social media and other methods, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

What Makes a Good Blog Post?

A good blog post operates on several different levels. A good blog post addresses a legal topic that is timely and relevant to your practice areas and to your intended audience. It should be an engaging piece of writing that readers find valuable and are motivated to share. If the writing is not engaging, online readers will not stay on your page.

A good blog post connects you with your target audience and builds your reputation online. It remains one of the best ways to communicate news with your local audience.

It is probably unrealistic to expect that your blog posts, however well written, will start generating business for you right away. Rather, you may think of writing blog posts as starting an ongoing conversation with people who are your prospective clients and helping you build a network of relationships.

What Are Good Ideas for Law Firm Blog Post Topics?

Choose topics that relate to your practice area and are of general interest. Some of the best law firm blog ideas can be drawn from:

Lists and tips on evergreen topics. Well-written lists are great fodder for social media because they are scannable and shareable. For example, depending on your practice area, you may consider a list-based post on:

  • 10 steps to take immediately after a car accident
  • 7 missteps to avoid in dealing with insurance companies
  • 5 reasons to stay off social media during a child custody battle
  • 6 tips for fighting a DUI charge

Trends in the news. Writing about current trends or news items gives your blog a greater sense of relevance. If you run across an interesting statistic related to your practice area, research a few more stats and then build a blog post based on them. If you see a trend in the news that you think could have legal implications, jump on it and explain it in a blog post.

Recalls that affect public safety. If you handle product liability cases, you should be blogging about recent recalls of dangerous products such as unsafe automobiles or FDA actions on drugs and medical devices. These types of posts may not only bring in leads but also establish your firm as a watchdog for public safety.

Do not hesitate to provide very basic information in a blog post. You know the law inside and out because you have handled so many cases. However, many people reading your blog post are encountering this legal problem for the first time. They may be searching for clues about what to do. They may have basic questions about what their rights are. Always keep your intended audience in mind and write for them.

How Should You Promote Your Legal Blog Post?

A good way to bring attention to your latest blog post is to share it on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Posting an interesting comment on your Facebook page about the legal issue your latest blog post addresses points viewers to your website and may prompt others to share your post through social media. Social media comments may generate word-of-mouth referrals for you as your blog post is shared.

Consultwebs’ law firm social media department can develop a dynamic social media campaign to complement your blogging and other marketing efforts and expand the reach of your blog posts.

It’s a good idea to discuss the many aspects of maintaining lawyer blogs with a knowledgeable web marketing consultant to ensure that your content reflects the high standards you set for yourself and your law firm.

While a well-written and regularly updated blog has undeniable value, maintaining it requires time, dedication, and discipline. At Consultwebs, our content team includes licensed attorney writers, editors, and journalists who can take this task off your plate. Our writers craft high-quality, custom content specifically for your law firm. We collaborate with your attorneys to make sure the blog content reflects your law firm personality and culture.

Let us tell you more about how Consultwebs can help take your blog to the next level.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or call us at 877-278-5677.