Client: Person Injury Consultwebs Client | Campaign: Agile Marketing Winning in the Courtroom: A Personal Injury Law Firm’s strategy for Success

Personal injury law firms are facing increasing competition and changing consumer behavior. Between 2018 and 2023, the annualized market size has grown by 4.8%. How can we take advantage of this? 

Client: Consultwebs Clients | Campaign: SEO and Digital Advertising Harnessing the Power of SEO and Digital Advertising

From this case study, you will obtain a deeper understanding of where and why firms are investing more in their digital transformation. You will also find the data on law firms getting results with SEO-only campaigns versus, SEO and Digital
Advertising combined.

Client: Personal Injury Firm | Campaign: Search Engine Optimizations Attracting Prospects & Converting More Cases

The firm focuses on personal injury cases in Lutz and Brooksville, Florida. They wanted to greatly expand their targeting campaigns in Lutz, Brooksville, and Spring Hill, Florida, in motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, and wrongful death.
See how we grew their conventions by 21+ percent.

Client: Personal Injury Firm | Campaign: Search Engine Optimizations Maintaining a Healthy Lead to Conversion Rate

A Firm’s Case In Conjunction with Consultwebs. Leads, cases, and conversion rates are interrelated. Leads are solid indicators that you’re attracting the right audience. See how we increased this and other metrics with our marketing strategies.

Client: All clients | Campaign: Search Engine Optimizations SEO Leads and Cases Intake by Market Spend

The American Bar Association’s Web Marketing TechReport 2021 found that firms think “a website can be a powerful way to communicate a law firm’s message and information about its services to the community, potential clients, and referral sources.”

Client: All Clients | Campaign: Search Engine Optimizations SEO ROI by Market Size

All firms investing in marketing with Consultwebs have seen an increase in their ROI. You’ll see the proof in the following Case study.

Client: Pilmma | Campaign: SEO The Long Term Benefits of Diversifying

Consumers today are more open — and even accustomed — to change. That means they are also more willing to explore new services, switch services, or research different companies before making decisions.

Client: Amourgis & Associates | Campaign: Search Engine Optimizations & LSA's Digital Done Right The Case of Amourgis and Associates, Attorneys at Law

We’ll cover the case of a bankruptcy and personal injury firm. How are firms determining what’s best for them? We will show you the numbers!

Client: Consultwebs Clients | Campaign: Search Engine Optimizations The Case of an Estate Litigation Firm Working With Consultwebs

Most people go through life without making an estate plan. Often, It isn’t until they begin to age or their circumstances change that they realize that having an estate plan is essential.
Currently, only 33% of Americans have an established estate plan. that means that the majority, 67%, are leaving their assets, in the hands of the state.

Client: Consultwebs Client | Campaign: Email Campaign Email Marketing Case Study

Wocl Leydon, LLC took care of email campaigns internally, but it wasn’t moving the needle — leading to consistently low open rates (OR) and click-through-rates (CTR).