Client: Digital Advertising Client | Campaign: YouTubeExtremely profitable YouTube Ad campaign will make you reassess your TV Ad spendDownload PDF

Challenges & Goals:
  • Gain brand visibility and acquire high-quality leads through YouTube advertising
  • Identify opportunities for cost-effective video advertising to reduce reliance on TV
  • Capitalize on new tools within YouTube’s advertising arsenal to beat results from traditional TV advertising
Measurable Results:

Increase in phone calls


15 minutes of average view time per $1 spent


$.05 average cost
per view

Client: SEO Client | Campaign: SEOSEO Case Study 236% Increase Within 12 Months

Consultwebs clients have consistently seen decreases in costs per lead and, as a direct result, an increase in leads month over month, especially during the first 12 months of our partnership. Through aggressive SEO tactics and out-of-the-box targeting strategies, our partners’ expectations are continuously far surpassed.

Download PDF

Challenges & Goals:


  • Cumulative results of CW clients’ SEO campaigns over the first 13 months.
  • Show the dramatic decrease in cost per lead and increase in caseload.
Measurable Results:

Increased Caseload by 236% Within 12 Months


Cost Per Lead decreased 71%

Client: Ullman | Campaign: Public Relations Public Relations Case Study

In the competitive space of Lawyer marketing, it is essential for firms to develop a unique approach to branding. Find your niche in a social responsibility campaign and your brand becomes a force for good. Create a positive impact and expand your potential client base far into the future.

Download PDF

Challenges & Goals:
  • Create a buzz with Public Relations
  • Build a brand from the bottom up
  • Consumers reward companies that Have A Heart
Measurable Results:

93% Increase in positive image


90%Higher trust and be loyalty


82% influenced to purchase

Client: Social Media Client | Campaign: FacebookFacebook campaign proves to be wildly successful for mass tort cases

Our client was seeking mass tort leads and had yet to test out a Facebook campaign. Within a six-week period, this law firm found a tremendous amount of success. This campaign generated an impressive amount of leads ─ and cases ─ at an unbelievable rate, and it is still going strong!

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Challenges & Goals:
  • Capture quality mass tort leads and sign cases at a reasonable cost per case
  • Take advantage of Facebook advertising tools to target cases in select states and geos
Measurable Results:

430 leads and 83 cases in just 6 weeks


$32 cost per lead


$168 cost per case

Client: Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. | Campaign: Ongoing Web MarketingFirm goes from no rankings to 300 leads per month, plus a record-setting settlement

Before partnering with Consultwebs in 2007, Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. had no real Internet strategy. Now the firm is well positioned to attract and convert clients from the web. This study looks at one particular case, which originated from a web search, in which the firm obtained a record-setting settlement and prompted changes to a hospital’s safety protocols.

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Challenges & Goals:
  • Develop a strategy to achieve excellent visibility for the firm on the web by means of SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and other proven tactics
  • Help streamline the firm’s intake process to allow for rapid respond to inquiries
  • Equip the firm with a website that reflects its personality, professionalism and success for its clients
  • Generate a large number of potential client leads from the Internet
Measurable Results:

300 leads per month on average from the website

Measurable Unit Icon

Established intake system allowing for quick and seamless communication with web prospects

Measurable Unit Icon

Record-setting wrongful death settlement for web search client

Client: Former heavy TV advertiser | Campaign: Pay-Per-ClickMoving budget from TV to PPC brings efficiency, outstanding results

The management team at this law firm was spending heavily on TV advertising and wanted to explore the potential of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign as an alternative for a portion of their marketing budget. Consultwebs helped the firm develop an impressive campaign to achieve their goals.

Download PDF

Challenges & Goals:
  • Bring in cases at less than the estimated $8,000 per case the firm incurred with TV
  • Efficiently grow the firm’s caseload, while increasing visibility online through paid ads
Measurable Results:

$1,721.54 average cost per case from January through May — less than 25% of the cost per case from TV


Further reduction to less than $1,000 average cost per case in the 5th month