Yellow Tag Special: Help Your Google Business Listing Stand Out

If you have noticed the small yellow flags next to some business listings in Google Places, that is the point – for you, and your potential clients, to notice. On a search engine results page that arguably appears more cluttered every month as Google unveils new features, these “tags” help draw attention to your business listing(s).


Adding a tag to your Google Places Listing (previously known as “Local Business Listings”), helps promote your firm’s placement in Google’s business listings, a.k.a. the “Google 10-Pack”. While a Sponsored tag helps draw attention to your business listing, it also helps secure overall on-page accessibility by visually supporting your firm’s organic and PPC positioning.

Does this help my business listing appear higher?

No. The activation of the yellow sponsored tag to your business listing does not influence the order in which it appears on the page.

Will this encourage Google to rank my website higher?

No. Straight from the horse’s mouth, “Tags do not affect search result rankings; they simply add more information to a Google Places listing when it appears in search results.” – Google Help Pages

Google Places listings are above the organic listings, do visitors click on these more?

No. Your potential clients still rely on the organic search engine listings to find help. Our large law firm client base allows us to compare the traffic data from organic search engine rankings v. business listings for small and medium sized firms, across the U.S. Google Places business listings consistently attract new visitors to our clients’ websites, but account for only 1-3% of total website activity.

Is the click-through-rate (CTR) higher for listings with a tag?

We are closely monitoring the effectiveness of these tags for law firm specific listings, and look forward to presenting an analysis of this data in the near future. In the meantime, Google has released a set of tools that track the impressions and clicks associated with your Sponsored tag. This provides more precise data than previously available and allows you to track your tag activity v. regular business listing performance.

How much does it cost?

Rather than a complex pricing plan or pay-per-click strategy, Google has wisely opted for a flat-fee model: $25/month. You can activate or pause your sponsored listing tag at any time.

Where can I learn more?

Google has provided a series of YouTube videos about tags: // Additionally, if you need help with your Google Places listing or have questions about activating a tag for your listing, please feel free to email the team:

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