Shaking Up The Social Norms Of Marketing In 2018

2018 marketing

The implementation of marketing practices in recent years has proven to be much more competitive, and can sometimes seem like a challenge for many industries. Diversifying your marketing strategies, and developing new methods for successfully targeting specific audiences requires constant research, and the ability to adapt new methods to meet the changing climate of a company’s customer base.

The constant stream of new social platform developments, and which segment of the businesses target market identifies with them, is now more important than ever. It is important to have a team that is able to identify these shifts as they take place, and adapt them into their growth plans for their clients on a daily basis. Taking steps to diversify your company and move outside of your comfort zone may be challenging, but it may provide some great opportunities for growth in 2018.

Below are some ideas that might help you to re-strategize your current marketing practices in the upcoming year.

Utilize The Time Of The Year

Regardless if you are an attorney, marketing professional, or a small business owner, it’s important to carefully consider the time of year in which new campaigns are developed. Identify with your customers and determine if any particular seasons or holidays are particularly important to them.

Digging deeper into your clients’ passions and interests can help develop deeper relationships with them, and develop a higher level of respect for your organization. As an example, attorneys could consider evaluating a new client’s interests during their initial intake process. This information can then be used by the marketing agency to provide cards during a special moment, surprise tickets to significant sporting events, or even thoughtful emails during hard times.

Companies can also develop strategies for campaigns centered around a holiday or season. As an example, Gruber Law has a creative asset that helps to outline seasonal driving conditions in the state of Wisconsin. This resource helps to identify seasons which pose a higher risk of accidents, the reasons behind them, and locations of specific seasonal crashes. This campaign found success because it helped to illustrate important information such as 1) contrary to what you would expect, winter did not contain the highest number of accidents, and 2) daylight saving time has an effect on accident rates throughout the state. This was an excellent way to determine a need based upon the season, and illustrate useful information for the firm’s potential target audience. With the number of holidays we celebrate throughout the year, developing an asset or initiative specific to the time period is a great way to increase engagement, present information to current clients, and potentially reach new audiences along the way.

Partner Up For Bigger Impacts

When we think of our competitors, they are often perceived as our biggest enemies. Businesses constantly compete against each other for the largest sector of the customer base. When evaluating your strategies in 2018, it would be great to consider going against this norm.

Consider partnering with competing companies to promote a bigger initiative in your community. Work to increase engagement within your community and allow members to come together for a larger cause. Consider sponsoring a donation event or volunteering session to assist less-fortunate residents of your community. As the leader of the event, community members will develop a deeper appreciation for your firm and the message you are portraying to your community. As the community becomes more engaged, clients whom you may have never had previous interaction with will begin to recognize your brand. As these individuals require a need for your legal services, they may reach out and become a potential client in the coming years as they reminisce on the service you provided to the community.

Stay On Top Of Social Changes

It’s vital for all marketing strategies to encompass and constantly evaluate which social platforms their target audience is engaging with. With the introduction of newer apps to communicate with friends and family, changes must be made to effectively market to individuals engaging within these ever-changing channels.

Most recently, many companies have shifted more of their focus to appeal to audiences using multiple channels outside of just Facebook and Twitter. It’s a good idea to appeal to your audiences by targeting ads where you will find them most. As an example, many companies have begun to develop Snapchat profiles where they can engage one-on-one with customers. It’s a personal way that customers can receive information at little to no cost to the business.

For the legal industry, it’s important to work with a team that is constantly staying abreast of the latest social network changes and adaptations. Multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, continue to change their methods for targeting specific audiences and demographics. Fine-tooth-combing through different behavioral traits of your target audience base can help you to get the most value for your investment in social media targeting.

Evaluate Your Brand’s Effectiveness

Your online presence, as you know, is at the forefront of the potential client’s journey. Visiting a law firm’s website is generally the very first interaction they will have with your brand. With this in mind, developing a website that is professional, yet visually appealing, easy to navigate, and most importantly up-to-date, includes the core elements of a powerful first impression. Just as trends change, the ability to develop a more comprehensive, stylish website can change from month to month. In 2018, consider implementing newer options that make your presence online more powerful and meaningful for your audience.

With this being said, it might be time to consider rebranding your law firm. Even after a few years, the look and feel of an entire organization can change. Newer ideas come into play as competitors are taking advantage of newer tools and ways to impress their audience. Potential clients may begin to recognize this and shift their focus to organizations that can offer them a better experience. If this is the case, it might be time to consider revamping your brand. Develop a new image for your firm and the values it stands for. Change your methods of online presence and continue to make changes to how you target your users online.

As with every year, 2018 will be filled with a range of updates and newer SEO practices that may require updates to your current marketing strategies. It’s important to leave this work to digital marketing professionals who can best evaluate your strategies and suggest changes. Stay tuned for an upcoming year full of changes!