Four professionals discuss documents in a well-equipped corporate office setting.

Think about the care you take in decorating your law firm’s office. You want visitors to feel welcome and comfortable, and you want to convey that you and your staff are capable, professional and experienced. Now think about your website as your “Internet office.” You want to give site visitors the same impression about your experience, abilities and professionalism — and you have only five seconds to capture the average visitor’s attention.

Professional Photography Can Increase Trust & Conversions For Your Law Firm

Photos of you and your staff are an important part of introducing your law firm to website visitors. While the process of getting professional photos may take some planning, the rewards can be significant. You are selling yourself and your staff to each potential client that visits your site. Your website photos are an area where you do not want to pinch pennies. If you do, you may inadvertently create the impression that professionalism and attention to detail are not high on your list of priorities.

How To Find A Professional Photographer.

Finding a photographer by referral is probably the best way to go since your colleague already has experience with the studio. If you don’t know anyone that has utilized a professional photographer in your area, then head over to Google and search for “commercial photography”, “business photographer” or “photography studio” in your area. Check out the portfolio of the studio and see if their examples live up to your expectations of professionalism and quality. A high quality photographer will cost you somewhere between $1000-$2500 depending on where your firm is located. Larger cities tend to have more expensive photo studios although quality usually comes along with the price. In my experience, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and customer service. Your web vendor may be able to help you find a photographer. We often help our clients evaluate and choose a local photographer who can, with our input and guidance, develop high quality, compelling photos that will increase conversions. You can also use the questions below to find out if the studio is the right fit for your firm.

What Kind Of Attorney & Staff Photos Are Needed?

You generally want your photos to be taken in or around your office. This will give the user a reference point on what to expect when they visit your office. If your office does not have an impressive environment, you can always rent out a conference room at another firm, or business facility. Have your photographer take an array of photos in different situations. Make sure you receive:

  1. Group shots of your staff.
  2. Single shots of each attorney smiling. You can be creative here to fit the culture you want to portray for your firm.
  3. Photos of your attorneys collaborating with staff members and/or clients.
  4. Office photos.
  5. Shots of you working at your desk.

Questions to ask the photo studio before you begin the project:

  1. Will the photographer be available to come back to your office at a later date if the staff changes or new members join your firm?
  2. Will you have rights to use the photos in other marketing ventures?
  3. Are there usage restrictions or a tax on the photos?
  4. Do you need to get our hair and makeup done before the shoot? And does you photographer offer this service?
  5. How much does it cost for you to touch up the photos you choose?
  6. Does the photographer have a social media package?
  7. Does it cost extra to get the watermark of photographer or studio removed from the photos?
  8. What is the best time of the day to take the outdoor photos of your office?

Examples that we like from our law firm client sites:

That’s a wrap

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