4 Ways to Find Fresh Content Ideas for Your Blog and Social Media

4 ways to find content ideas for your law firm's blog and social media

“Make me think, make me laugh, inspire me, teach me something new, and I’ll remember you when it comes time to buy.” This is one of the top mantras for content marketers as they dream up new ways to reach and engage potential clients.

As a lawyer, it can be difficult to continually crank out fresh content for your firm’s blog or social media. That’s especially true when you’re creating content to share with an audience who might not need your services right now ─ but they could in the future.

So if you are suffering from writer’s block and need some new ideas, just think through these categories and see what comes to mind:

Make Me Think

Attorneys tend to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies that affect their practice areas. That’s because savvy legal minds want to predict how these trends could affect their clients down the line. Well, your clients are probably interested in knowing that, too. Feel free to share your predictions, and get conversations started about what the future holds. For example:

  • Are apps from insurance companies convenient, or do they collect information that could be used against you?
  • Could a person’s employee badge or work vehicle be used to illegally track his or her movements?
  • With the rise of telemedicine, should we expect a rise in medical errors?

Particularly for technology that is expected to be popular, a legal analysis of the potential risks and pitfalls can appeal to a wide variety of people.

Make Me Laugh

Sure, the cases you handle are no laughing matter, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a sense of humor. Add some variety to the content you’re sharing by getting creative and making people chuckle. For inspiration, consider turning to the things that entertain you, and then giving your take on them. For example:

  • In the last Batman movie, was there a chase scene where the Dark Knight was driving recklessly and racking up thousands of dollars in property damage?
  • As a character in “The Walking Dead,” how would a lawyer handle negotiations with the bat-wielding Negan and his henchmen?
  • In last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” was there a patient who could have filed a medical malpractice claim because the doctors were so caught up in their personal drama that they made a mistake?

Television and movies provide endless fodder for content ideas, and sharing your interest in them gives you an opportunity to show off your personality. It also opens a door for you to connect with your audience and provide a unique perspective on a trending topic.

Inspire Me

As you know, there is no shortage of inspirational quotes being shared on social media these days. And who doesn’t love a story that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside? It’s simple: People want to be inspired. So inspire them. Consider these ideas:

  • Do you have a client who was on the verge of losing everything but never gave up and eventually got his or her life back after an accident? Would he or she be willing to share that story?
  • Have you met a caregiver who goes above and beyond in advocating for their injured or disabled loved one?
  • Do you volunteer with an organization that does inspirational work in the community?

Of course, you can also share your own favorite inspirational quotes by turning them into simple social media graphics with programs such as Canva or Adobe Spark.

Teach Me Something New

You probably know that many people weigh the option of handling a case themselves rather than hiring an attorney. You also know that’s not the best idea in many cases. Although you don’t want to encourage the DIY legal crowd, you can share some insights that help establish your firm as a trusted resource for legal advice. For example:

  • What are the common myths people have about your practice area? (Maybe you can start a legal mythbusters series of articles.)
  • What would you tell potential clients about how their social media presence may factor into a legal battle?
  • Could you help explain the everyday implications of a complicated new law that’s in the works?

Your “teaching moments” don’t always have to be long-form narratives. They can be as simple as sharing a word-of-the-week legal definition on social media (through an eye-catching graphic, of course).

Need More Ideas?

You can never go wrong by combing through your frequently asked questions and expanding on a topic that your clients want to know more about. If you’ve already gone through all your FAQs, consider using a tools such as AnswerThePublic.com, Buzzsumo or Alltop, to see what people are searching, what’s trending, and for ideas related to a specific topic. There are also numerous sites that can help get your creative juices flowing, and help you generate a blog post title like HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator, and Portent’s Content Idea Generator.

In addition, we have created an e-book that can assist you in creating some high-quality web content that will enhance both visitor experience and search engine rankings. You can download it here.

In the end, you want your blogs and social media posts to be useful and contribute to your overarching brand marketing plan. Because even if your audience isn’t searching for a lawyer right now, you do want them to remember you when they are.