The Importance of Mobile Optimization on Social Media

optimized for mobile

It wasn’t long ago that phones were used just to speak with friends and family. Nowadays, that rectangle in your pocket is a gateway to calls, texts, games, calendars, apps, and, of course, social media.

Last year, Facebook surpassed 1.03 billion mobile daily active users and 56.5% of all Facebook users access it exclusively from their mobile device. That’s right, over half of Facebook users will only ever see your profile on mobile. That’s why mobile optimization is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your social media presence.

What Is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that visitors who head to your website or social media profile from their mobile device get an experience that’s catered to that device. While it used to be the case that websites would simply shrink their content to fit onto a mobile device’s screen, it is now far more crucial to build content specifically with a mobile audience in mind. That could mean anything from adjusting headlines, writing mobile-friendly content that’s shorter than usual, to gearing the focus more toward images rather than text.

When it comes to social media, that optimization becomes even more crucial. According to a study from G/O Digital, 62% of people said they will check Facebook to find out about a small business. Your Facebook profile is your first impression and, like any first impression, you want it to be the best possible.

How Do I Optimize My Social Media for Mobile Users?

The answer to that varies, but there are a few tips that nearly everyone can use.

Images, Images, Images

When scrolling through Facebook on a phone, it’s much easier to have your attention grabbed by an image or video rather than text. According to a study, posts with images actually had 2.3 times more engagement than those without. With that said, it is crucial to make sure you use a high-quality image. Always provide only the best for your followers!

Short and Sweet

Engagement on Facebook posts wanes when the posts get too long, particularly on mobile. Keeping posts to 160 characters or less will make it more likely that visitors will read the whole post and still want to interact. Keeping your text below 160 characters will also make sure that your whole post shows on mobile, rather than getting cut off with a “Show more” link. Consider asking questions in a post. This is always a great option for getting visitors involved!

Don’t Be Afraid of Video

About 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched every day. If you feel ready to take on a challenge, video is an excellent way to create even better engaging content for your audience. It’s important to note when diving into Facebook videos that 85% of them are viewed without sound, so make sure that content is engaging even without a voice behind it and don’t forget to add captions, they are a necessity.

It’s also the best option to upload video files directly to Facebook rather than share a YouTube link. So-named “native videos” are seen by two times more people than a shared YouTube video, so it’s worth taking the time to upload directly to Facebook.

A Well-Designed Profile Is a Successful Profile

A Facebook profile is often the first impression for your visitors so making sure they’re getting accurate and complete information is a crucial. Ensure that all of your About page is up-to-date, and that contacting you is easy, with a Call to Action contact button at the top of your profile.

Be sure to create an engaging cover photo that is centered and sized accurately so that when someone views it on mobile, nothing is cut off or overly crowded. While Facebook will automatically resize cover photos and profiles for mobile, it’s always good to take a quick second to hop onto your phone and preview your profile on mobile in order to confirm that everything looks top notch.

For example, our Facebook page is optimized so that it looks equally professional and branded as well as being engaging on both desktop and mobile!



Get What You Pay For

When creating paid advertising on Facebook, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Right before you place your ad order, you can actually preview your ad on various mobile devices (standard mobile, feature phone, etc.). This will help ensure that you know exactly what your ad looks like and exactly what you’re presenting to your audience. When in doubt, preview, preview, preview!

Have Fun!

People head to their social media for just that: the desire to be social. Focus on showing your firm’s personality, share posts that are informational and useful for your audience, and interact with the engagement you receive.

These tips can be applied beyond Facebook as well. Across the board of all social media platforms and in particular on mobile, when posting to social, think… images, video, and shorter posts. They perform better. When we are scrolling through social media on our phone, no one really focuses on any one post for too long. So creating image-focused posts with small amounts of text and engaging and informational content is your best bet for a successful, mobile, social media strategy.