How to Grow Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website Through Link Building

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Your law firm thrives when it comes to building arguments, doing thorough research, and getting down to the essentials of running a successful business.

However, what are you bringing to your online presence? Does your website have strong readership? Is it continuously updated with the latest news in the law community? If you consider your website an afterthought, it’s time to consider it’s potential in building a strong client base.

Tried and true pre-internet marketing techniques may bring some clients to your door, but having a solid web presence is how to attract the general public towards your direction. Here is how to grow traffic through link building and build your website authority:

What is Website Authority?

It’s all in the title. Website authority means having an authoritative and informative presence on the internet. Ranked on a scale between 1 and 100, the higher the number is, the stronger authority your site has. Websites with high authority get referenced more often in other blogs and websites, as they are considered a reliable source for the latest trends in different fields of interest. Trusted by popular search engines and industry experts, a high authority score is how your website moves up the ranks.

Where can you check your current score? There are several link building websites like SEMrush or Google PageRank services that measure any website’s authority score. Your score doesn’t come out of thin air either: it utilizes search engine traffic, your trust score, and measures the volume of your website links through the domain score.

Marketing from All Channels

It takes more than just a simple blog post to get your website on the map. There are several social media channels that can showcase your website in the best possible light and results in getting more traffic.

Start by building a following with consistent updates on all of your social media channels. How are you keeping the public informed about the latest services in your company and news related to your legal field? Besides the standards like Facebook and Twitter, if you’re trying to build authority, LinkedIn is a professional way to connect with people in your direct field and build your website traffic with like minded community.

What does this mean for building your links? Updating social media consistently means there’s a higher chance that your website will get visibility, and people will retweet or share your content on their own pages. When that happens, it builds yet another link that is directed towards your website.

There is a delicate balance though. Resharing your website or blog post is great, but many social media channels have algorithms that penalize you for active spamming. To avoid this, be sure to share in original ways, utilizing different imagery and content each time.

Getting On High Authority Sites

One of the best ways to showcase your website is getting linked through other higher authority sites. For many legal services, getting on resourceful lists and directories is a vital way to get prospective clients. As you see from this 2018 SEMrush study, there are several referring domains in which you can reach out to gain online credibility.

legal website authority link building

Influencers in the Industry

One of the last essential pieces of marketing is reaching out to influencers. Influencers come from a full spectrum of professional and social media experience. It could be anyone between someone in your local area who has a strong social media presence, to a national or worldwide reach. Influencers usually have a high online authority, as many people in the industry regard them as highly knowledgeable in the field.

If you have a specific type of law your firm practices, narrowing down your search to that particular field would be your best bet in finding the right influencer to represent your brand and company. Build a connection by following their social media channels, see which companies they’ve promoted, and reach out to them directly.

If you want to build a continuous relationship with an influencer, like most professional relationships, you must gain trust and help each other achieve goals together by sharing each other’s work and visions.

Between making sure your website is up to date, building social media and influencer presence, and getting on the right directories, your company will soon have an authoritative presence both on and off the internet.

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