How To Create Engaging Social Media Content for Your Law Firm

how to create engaging social media for law firms

“Social media is easy, right? Everybody is doing it.”

We’ve heard that one.

“Social media doesn’t drive business. It’s a total waste of time!”

We’ve heard that one too.

Sadly, one of these statements usually leads to the other. Marketing on social media is never easy. It involves psychology, creative design, consistent application, and technical prowess. It shouldn’t be underestimated.

In short, social media is like anything else: there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Creating engaging content is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the foundation upon which to build your brand on social media.

One thing to remember is that people open the Facebook app for entertainment – not to be sold to. Law firms are competing with adorable baby photos, hilarious memes, and copious amounts of pop culture. And in a race like that, how do you win?

You find ways to be entertaining, and perhaps more importantly, to be useful.

Be Entertaining!

Find creative ways to give back to the community you serve and post about it. People appreciate that. They remember it. Use pictures. Use video. Make it even more memorable. Let’s look at an example from the Demas Law Group:

Now that’s engaging!

Many of our clients sponsor concerts, support local animal shelters and pet adoptions, participate in various charities, and much more. These are just a few creative ways to both give back to the local community and create quality, memorable content for your social brand.

Be Useful!

Informative content can help people out, answer their questions, and maybe even tip the scale in favor of contacting your law firm instead of a competitor. While people go on Facebook primarily for entertainment, they could still have issues happening in their lives that a lawyer can help with. The right piece of content can land solid engagement, new followers, or even a new client.

Here’s an example from Joye Law Firm:

Create content that showcases your law firm’s knowledge and ability. Provide information by answering frequently asked questions. Feature an informative, downloadable eBook on your website. Show people that your firm is not only friendly and caring, but also knowledgeable and helpful.

Consistency Is Key

Don’t make the mistake of doing these things a few times and saying, “See, social media doesn’t work.” Stay with it. You are making an impression.

People tend to remember the law firm that sponsors those adorable pet adoptions, or the law firm that values each of their employees enough to recognize them on the birthday or work anniversary. They take a second look at the law firm that provided an answer to that one question they had after being involved in a fender bender.

Creating engaging, memorable Facebook content also provides an excellent platform on which to run ads. When running Facebook ads, you want to make sure your page is impressive in terms of engaging content and number of followers. It provides people the confidence in your brand to click on your ad and make your phone ring.

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