Google Updates SEO Starter Guide

Avoid Gimmick Sites That Promise To Build Positive Reviews To Manipulate Google Places Rankings

Late last month Google published an updated version of their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (link at the end of the post), which helps outline the standards and practices that make it easier for Google to index, crawl, and understand your site’s content.

Outlined in this 32-page document is a wealth of information designed to be helpful for people at all levels of SEO knowledge. Topics covered include:

  • SEO Basics
  • How to Improve Site Structure
  • How to Optimize Content
  • Dealing with Search Engine Crawlers
  • SEO For Mobile Phones
  • Promotions and Analysis

I heartily recommend that anyone with a vested interest in Law Firm Web Marketing take the time out of their busy schedule to look over the updated document. Even if you hire an external vendor to do your Firm’s SEO, this short guide can keep you informed and give you knowledge to bring to the table when choosing a vendor, or discussing strategies with your current vendor.

Even though this document contains a very detailed outline of how to get started with an SEO campaign, Google has also done a very good job of making sure throughout the document to explain that even though this is a guide directly from the source – it is still a guide of best practices. Even a site planned out and optimized completely by the guide still requires expertise, effort, and time to achieve and maintain excellent rankings.

Click to view the updated Google SEO Starter Guide.

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