Designing a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm

Ginarte laws facebook page featuring team photo and contact details.

We all know that Facebook never stays the same, especially when it comes to design. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of the most recent changes (e.g.: the newest Timeline layout, discussed below). So, how do we create a great design for your law firm? One simple fact: to really create an effective Facebook design that breeds familiarity for users, it should be branded to your firm – namely, your website. Here at Consultwebs, our Design Team makes sure of this, using several graphical elements.

Cover Photo

The large photo at the top of the new Timeline layout is called a “cover photo.” This will be the first thing a user will see when visiting your page, so it’s important to catch their eye and hold their attention. Use your logo, photos of your attorneys, or any other relevant imagery to your firm. The only thing you are prohibited from using are calls to action on this image. That means no contact information and no “Like our page!” language.

Profile Photo

With the new Timeline design, you can get really creative with your profile photo because it overlays on top of the cover photo. We’ve all seen some of the downright awesome, if not silly, Facebook designs that are floating around the Internet. There’s no reason why this same sort of idea can’t apply to your law firm Facebook page in a more professional manner. See an example below of a continuous design that flows seamlessly between cover photo and profile photo.

Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, P.C.


In addition to the obvious main graphics, there are also Facebook pages you can customize. You can add different types of content, much like you would on your website, with attorney or practice area pages. It is a great idea to showcase your attorneys by creating an “Our Attorneys” page, complete with headshot photos. Below your cover photo there are small images that link to the different pages of your profile, and you can customize the graphics for these as well. For example, use a group photo of your firm for the graphic on the “Our Attorneys” page link. The images will help draw attention to your relevant information, and keep users interested in your profile.

According to Kenneth Harris, Social Media Consultant for, the main goal of your Facebook page “is to create an environment that makes your firm look professional, yet approachable.” Users will either get to your Facebook page from your website, or go to your website after viewing your Facebook page, and you want to keep that branding consistent, creating trust and a general sense of “well-being” for the user. This, in turn, should increase the level of interaction the user has with your firm.

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